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November 1st Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Rebel Randi: Road Journal Entry #13

Your Myrtle Beach Discount Card

Ron: Hurricane Matthew & Associated Stories

Loose Talk with Jon

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A Little Listing from our Readers ...

The Toy Runs below have been shared by YOU, our readers. Tell us about other holiday rides in your areas and we'll publish them here!

Grumpy Old Men M/C is having a toy run November 13, 2016 in Hartsville SC

Haywood County Toy Run is November 12th

Would you like your not-for-profit charitable or educational motorcycle-related event published here? Please read our guidelines HERE and contact FancyFree for assistance.

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of November 2-8, 2016

Wednesday 83h & sunny, Thursday 83h & sunny, Friday 67h & sunny, Saturday 70h & sunny, Sunday 73h & sunny, Monday 70h & sunny, Tuesday 71h & m-sunny (as per on 11/1/16)

Ahh, Autumn in The Carolinas

It's a blissful time of year, here in The Carolinas. Temps are mostly perfect for riders to enjoy the beauty along NC and SC roads. Sure, there are some chilly days that creep in and some of them shoot up to summertime heat BUT, for the most part, days and evenings are ideal for leisurely rides with Autumn's beauty peeking out dispite conditions ranging from drought to flood depending on where you wander.

What are you Looking at in Your Neck of the Woods?

We'd love to share reports from around The Carolinas with our readers! Do you have leaf color to brag about? Are there Fall Festivals you'd recommend? What's your favorite area to ride in this time of year? Pass it on, please! Just a short little email will do the trick! In the meantime, here's what we found online about the leaves and festivals of The Carolinas ....


Grandfather Mountain: Autumn colors continue to thrive at elevations near and below 3,000 feet. Oak tree leaves are now changing, including pin, red and scarlet, and some color remains to develop.

Mayo River State Park: The maple leaves are starting to turn bright red. We’re starting to see some nice hues of orange and yellow as well.

Pilot Mountain State Park: We’re starting to get some good gold color and abundant reds and oranges, but we haven’t seen peak change. Peak is expected between the first and second weeks of November.

The Western NC Pottery Festival is November 5 in Dillsboro

St Stan's Polish Festival is November 5 in Castle Hayne

5th Annual Beer Festival is November 5 in Tryon

Whirlygig Festival is November 5-6 in Wilson

Kite Festival is November 5-6 in Cape Fear

21st Annual America Indian Heritage Celebration is November 19 in Raleigh

35th Annual Seagrove Pottery Festival is November 19 in Seagrove

Inaugural Crystal Coast Oyster Festival is November 26 in Morehead City



With less than a week remaining in October, it seems the color peak may be in early November unless there is a rapid acceleration of change.  More hickories and maples are beginning to join the understory trees with new color but shades of green are still the majority.  Due to the drought over the last several months and milder low temperatures, leaves may not be as bright this year and fall foliage may fade quicker once the peak is reached.  Regardless of the color intensity, nature will pull no trick as the next couple weeks will be a treat to our eyes.

South Carolina Pecan Festival is November 5 in Florence

International and Craft Beer Festival is November 5 in Bluffton

Penn Center Heritage Days Celebration is November 10-13 in St. Helena Island

There's a Pig Picking November 10-12 in Kingstree

Oyster Festival is November 13 in Hilton Head

We had gone out on Sunday after the storm. Actually, we had to cut our way down the road where we are staying.  Fortunately, Marcia and I are staying with some friends that have a construction company so he has a large generator and when we lost power he just turned it on and powered the entire house.  That lasted from Saturday until Thursday when the power came back. 

The road outside had a few trees down and Chris (the man we are staying with) had a tractor that was able to move them as I cut them into pieces.  We were finally able to get out to 301 and into town dodging trees in the road.

One of the ladies from our Church had her roof blown off and we had gone out to get her Saturday about 5 a.m. and the trees had not come down yet. The rain all day Friday and early morning Saturday had soaked the ground then the winds picked up in our area (gusts to 65 according to the news – but there were areas of straight lines of trees down that must have been higher) and the trees started coming down after around 8 a.m. until it started subsiding around 2 in the afternoon in our area.

We were able to get to many of the single ladies and elderly of our church and at least see that they did not have severe damage and remove a trees from about 7 houses that day.
The next Saturday a group of us that ride and people from our Church met up and formed 3 teams of people and that is when McKenzie joined us and his deer experience.  Between the 3 teams we were able to help out about 23 people that day.  We were blessed with a couple of tractors that could to the ‘heavy lifting’ that made it much easier and able to move much more quickly.  Fortunately for the lady with the tree on her deck one of the man had the material to rebuild the broken parts and we were able to remove the limb.  I noticed how many ‘close calls’ there were and not many ‘direct hits’ of houses or cars, but there were a few as one house had a large pecan tree on it.  We were able to cut a hole into the tree so the homeowner could get in to remove their things.  The adjuster declared it a total loss and they were having the entire house removed.

We followed up last Saturday with another 11 people, again mostly elderly and widows that would never be able to afford the removal of trees.  The tree companies were starting at $3500.00 per tree to even come to a house and some were asking as much as $5000.00.  If the trees were not on a house or car but just in the yard, the homeowners insurance would not pay for the removal.  Even though we cut up the tree, in most cases there is left a 10-12 foot root ball sticking up in the yard.  What do you do with that?  Yard art??


I have several friends who are voting this year for the first time ever .. or at least, for some, the first time in several decades. They say that they'd given up on our government, that it has felt hopeless and that they were helpless to change anything whether they voted or not. Hopeless and Helpless. The definition of depression.

It's an odd year, that's for sure, no matter which sides you end up on. Nevertheless, it is my right and honor to vote. Sure, I am frustrated with the corruption and "same ole same ole" governmental leadership. I throw up my hands often and feel like giving up but I still vote.

And so, I did.

I placed my votes this past week as a part of early voting. Lines were smooth and easy.

Get out and vote ... either now or on the big day, next Tuesday.

And GO TEAM AMERICA! May we be a strong and healthy nation with liberty and justice for all.

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