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This is Miss November

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November 5th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Uncle Roy: "Short Run" (Another Reno Slade Adventure!)

Orangeburg Ron: To the Mountains!

Event Report by Quece: WRFX USO Bike Tour

Golden Opportunities: "Unbelieveable! - The Coffee Cup House"

Loose Talk with Jon


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A good ways down the road ...


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of November 5-12, 2013

Tuesday 59 am clouds, Wednesday 69 p-cloudy, Thursday 68 am showers, Friday 60 sunny, Saturday 62 m-sunny, Sunday 67 sunny, Monday 60 m-sunny, Tuesday 60 sunny (as per on 11/5/13)


Candycanes & Cranberry Sauce Startin' to Show up

The calendar flips to November and our world adjusts to a soft and maddening sugar plum 'n turkey kind of focus. Finding a parking space at a shopping center gets more challenging and sparkly decorations show up everywhere you turn. We're witnessing Toy Run planning hitting its climax point; committee members scrambling to check off crucial details (including getting their flyer exposed to the 75,000 readers of The Carolina Rider Scene!) and riders are considering whether to dress up like Santa or Rudolf or Frosty or maybe an Elf when they show up at their local run. John Troxler of the fabulously famous Boneyard Tavern just sent his November-December flyer (above) to The Carolina Rider and it, like the rest of the jingle bell world, is all about "The Holidays" (in their usual baddass Boneyard rock-n-roll kind of way!)

It is indeed THE HOLIDAYS. Even the weather has settled into a somewhat scarf-and-knitted-things air while the two-month run of Miracle on 34th Street whipped together with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation has begun in our heads and, no matter how aloof we might try to be about it all, in our hearts as well. So go on, sing with me now, .... "It's beginning to look a lot like ...." (Or, if you're more inclined, shout out a chorus from Robert Earl Keen!)

And the "Vulnerability Award" Goes to....

Still ... there's tons of fun riding happening. The Winter doldrums are far from setting in and folks are having fun on their bikes from one end of The Carolinas to the other. I caught a blissful couple of hours out on the road last week. Ahh, the Autumn leaves shifting across my path, filtering light, and a crispness that brings new life to me and my namesake bike.

Ron is always out riding and today he shares his little story of a weekend mountain ride. Another great story that makes me want to head to the hills. And honestly, I have to give him BIG APPLAUSE for the "vulnerability award" as he included a photo of himself catching a quick nap at camp!

Bub and his friends (he calls "The Three Old Farts,") found the coolest place ever - called The Teacup House but Bub (aka Golden) says it's really more of a Coffee Cup House. Check out the photos and his account of their always easygoing ride there and back!

Quece and Poni Princess and Jane were in appearance at this past weekend's WRFX ride and there's a story and photos from them today. Frog took photos and, in addition to being in Quece's Event Report, they're in a GALLERY too.

Finally, we welcome our ever-imaginative Uncle Roy back with another Reno Slade Adventure. He keeps us holding on to the end of his tales ... you'll miss something if you don't read every word!

More thoughts from readers on Trailering ...

Palmer M wrote: "OK, it's a personal thing. Could be a lot of things impacting the decision, maybe a spouse or partner who can't handle the full ride, maybe trying to get out of a part of the country with bad weather roads in the spring going to Daytona. Kinda like what kind of bike you ride, just ride. That being said, I don't own a trailer, never used one. I have heard others say it often, but the ride is the trip. So for me personally, the trip would not be worth doing without riding. I ride each year from Asheville, NC to Daytona in March for bike week. I don't ride down I-95 like many do. I take back roads off the mountain, hit US 1, by-pass Jacksonville and scoot down A1A. I do it in two days (really 1 ½), stay in Daytona two or three days, then ride back in 1 ½. Much as I enjoy Daytona, the ride is the deal. Sometimes I think there are those who love to ride and those who love the idea of riding. Anyway, that's the way I see it."


We have a Winner!

Winner of a long-sleeved t-shirt from The Carolina Rider is Katie who answered our quest for Halloween-related words in last week's edition. Woo hoo!

Mike on a Bike Promotes Benefit

Remember Mike on a Bike? He wrote such a great cross-country ride journal several months back and has chimed in a couple times since. Well, it seems he's a guy who keeps the spirit of giving throttled up throughout the year and he's written to ask that I help plug a giving opp coming up in his neck of the woods.

It seems there's a young fellow who's in need of a companion animal and Mike, who is an active part of the Greenville STAR Riders, is captaining a charitable benefit for the little guy and his new diabetic alert service dog in training. Check out our online EVENTS CALENDAR for more info about this event on December 7th. (Eater alert: It's got FOOD involved!) And keep your eyes open because Mike promises a story for The Carolina Rider Scene soon.

You know (of course you do!,) There is no such thing as one single solitary "season of giving" among the biker community, especially here in The Carolinas. What an honor it is to witness the caring gestures made daily among you all!


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Short Run

A Reno Slade Adventure

   With the rising sun came the raucous, discordant, cacophony that is the Florida Everglades, waking up. Nocturnal beasties that had furnished their brand of music for most of the night now sought their beds, or lairs, or dens, or hollow trees, or whatever a particular animal called home. Now a new variety of sounds; of countless squawking cattle egrets, and cranes, mixed with the peculiar scream of bald eagles hunting breakfast, mixed with chattering ducks, myriads of red-wing blackbirds, and the croaks from a line of grave-looking pelicans floating somberly, mere feet above the dark, still water, and waving marsh grass. Grubby slept peacefully through this natural alarm clock, mainly because he had been overly diligent in his pursuit of 'mood management' the previous night and stayed up way too late. A few million squeaking, squawking, screeching varmints didn't have a shot at disturbing Grubby's slumber, let alone waking him up. But, the Everglades being the Everglades, 'el sol' was up to the challenge.

As the sun rose higher, bright sunlight crept into the squalid interior of Grubby's small one-room ratty crib. It lit up a room, unbelievable in its disarray. In fact, disarray would be the mildest adjective one might employ when describing Grubby's digs. One could literally walk across the floor on a layer of empty beer cans, bean cans, and an astounding variety of liquor bottles, without ever touching the floor. Dirty dishes of every description - stacked like a JENGA tower - threatened to spill out of a stained, rust streaked sink. Little was visible of any furniture, it all being hidden under piles of dirty clothes and clean clothes; only Grubby knew which was which. A wobbly coffee table strained itself under a pile of motorcycle magazines, and various smaller size bike parts....


To the Mountains

During the first weekend in October we go back to Asheville (we lived in Black Mountain for 17 years before moving to SC) to go to the North Carolina Tennessee Walking Horse Championship. This is always one of the best shows, some say as good as the World Championship over Labor Day week in Shelbyville Tn. They bring in many of the horses that won World Championships at that show, always THE World Champion and then Champion 2 year old, along with others.

We went up to reconnect with some old friends ...


Event Report: WRFX USO Bike Tour

Saturday, November 2nd

Saturday morning and Dad is back at work. I am thinking that sleeping in is a great idea. But why is Mom grabbing her boots? Oh Hell NO! She isn't going riding without me! (without Dad, yes, but not me!) Something about a Fox, a Gecko, the USO and barbecue. I have been told I look like a fox, I have no clue what the lizard and "USO" are, but I like barbecue and riding! I'm in! Where is my HD leather jacket!

Fog, lots of fog as we head down 16 toward Charlotte. I can see some sun peeking through the thick clouds above as we turn onto Independence Blvd. Folks on Independence Blvd. spend a lot of time sitting at these intersections. While they sit in their cages they smile and yell through the windows to Mom and Me....



Or ... you never know what you’re going to find in the mountains!

On Wednesday Oct 23rd, the three old farts decided to look for The Teacup House supposedly located in the Brown Mtn area west of Boone NC. Mickey and I met up with Charley at Polkville NC and we continued up 226 toward Marion. Near the junction of 226 and US 64 we turned onto Dysartsville Rd and ran it up to US 70, went west to Power Dam rd around Lake James. Connected up with Yellow Mtn Rd  for a short distance and turned east on Galtney Rd which we followed to NC 181, one of our favorite motorcycle roads, but we weren't going to ride it today.

A quarter mile north and we turned east again on Henderson Mill Rd over to Johns River Rd. This is a beautiful road that goes north to Brown Mtn Beach Rd. We went east on the beach road through Adako on to Collettsville NC where beach road ends at the Collettsvile Rd. Charley knew that turning right would bring us to Lenoir and so we turned left ...


My Bike!

Just realized I haven't shared pics of my bike with you. Yes, it's home - FINALLY. This new paint job was completed months ago before I hit that tractor-trailer tie-down and destroyed my engine but few have seen the new logo'd-up version of my Street Glide. I'm pretty happy with it and grateful to Goose who brought the mangled engine back to life. We still have some "tweeking" to do - when don't we have more to do with our best friends?

This is just a quick iPhone shot. I'll have more "pro" shots in the future including some with a gorgeous gal draped across her ...

The fairing and boxes are adorned with our logo

Oops from last week with apologies to Lester

Last week we got our technoligical excellance tangled up and Lester's photo gallery didn't get up as quickly as the ezine went out ... then we missed a few photos. Please go back and take a gander at Lester's account of his Daytona trip - story is HERE and photos are in the GALLERY.

Thanks, Lester, for a great report. And thanks to all of our amazing contributors who provide such exceptional content to our magazine. We can't tell you well enough how honored we are to have you as part of our team!

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