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Free Thinking with Fancy Free

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Nov. 8-15

Monday 68 sunny, Tuesday 73 sunny, Wednesday 70 sunny, Thursday 69 sunny, Friday 64 sunny, Saturday 62 sunny, Sunday 63 few showers, Monday 64 showers (as per www.intellicast.com on Monday 11/08/10)






a few events & destinations that you might like to ride to this week....

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Saluting Those who Serve

This week is Veteran's Day ... another opportunity to salute the women and men who have shared and in some cases given their lives and energies for country and home. Because so many riders have some connection to vets and those who serve, The Carolina Rider dedicates this week's e-news to this holiday and the people for whom it was founded.

Rides, Runs, and Rider Events for and with you who serve and have served ...

Just a little glance at our CALENDAR digs up the following rides and events in North and South Carolina under the theme of Veteran's Day:

Veteran's Day Ride in Spring Lake, NC Th, Nov 11 Reg starts at 9am

Veteran's Day Parade in Spartanburg, SC Th, Nov. 11

Freedom Ride in Fayetteville, NC, Sat., Nov. 13

3rd Annual Wreath Ride in Moyock, NC, Sat., Nov. 13

Ride to Remember in SC, Sat., Nov. 13

Nam Knights Scavenger Hunt in Wilmington, NC, Sat., Nov. 13

Harley's Heroes DAV Event in Elgin, SC, Sat., Nov. 13


Free Rides for Those Who Serve ...

As I compiled this week's listing of "Differently-flavored events around Charlotte and Beyond," I came upon a number of generous offerings celebrating Veteran's Day. Vets and active military and their families can eat free and play free and enjoy a great variety of gifts from businesses throughout our country. Check out the list. And if you're an honoree, don't stop there...GOOGLE Veteran's Day Deals and there's a whole lot more out there. Just ask around.

Emails from Afghanistan from One who Serves! ...

In the last couple of weeks Jon and I have heard from a reader of The Carolina Rider Scene who receives his weekly e-news while stationed in Afghanistan. Read Staff Sergeant Wally Gresham's emails to us in this month's homepage article. We hope to hear more from Wally and perhaps see some of those motorcycles he's talking about!

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My Daddy was a Major in the Army in WWII stationed in The Phillipines. He left his pregnant wife and returned home 2 years later to a 2 year old son and a young wife who had managed to carry on somehow in a world turned upside down. Daddy passed on 3 years ago and I had the honor of cleaning out a "trunk" he'd stored in his workshop. I have lifelong memories of him telling me stories and showing me "treasures" in that wooden box when I was a wide-eyed and wondering child ... so when it came time as an adult to once again look inside the mysterious crate, I was beside myself with anticipation.

Finding it was the first challenge. Hidden beneath years of man-shop-stuff was a non-descript wooden crate, the size of a generous shipping trunk of old. It had a hand-hewn metal clasp lock and as it creeked open, a rancid smell escaped it's innards. Once the invisible fumes cleared a bit, I expectantly peered inside, as if I'd find my father or at the very least the stories he'd shared of his life in the military, the youthful adventures of his life. I was crazy-excited to find the clay tobacco pipes he'd brought from overseas and placed in his child-daughter's hands long ago then carefully replaced in his cherished trunk. But beyond that, it seemed like all the other contents had melted. Photographs and uniforms, Japanese sandals and personal logs, papers of unknown use and images from the past were pulverized and liquified into a smelly blob. I assume some kind of photographic chemical used up its time and in its closed space permeated all contents. Acid-free it was not.

Daddy has passed on and so too his military service. When he passed away, we even had a difficult time locating his military records. The VA explained there was a fire some years back and a big block of records were destroyed.

Today we celebrate, we honor, we remember. Today we bring lives back to life through our memories. Today we allow their stories to be told again in order that we all remember ... for ourselves, for our world.

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor



Quick little Links, Stats, 'n News to chew on....

Some offers from Harley-Davidson Motor Company for those who have served

Harley-Davidson thanks vets and a Contest too!



Where the Leaves are!

SC Fall Foliage Link ... see where the best colors are showing!



Want to take a new rider class? Here are some contacts....

Central Piedmont Community College

Rider's Edge, H-D of Charlotte

Rider's Edge, Cox H-D


We're taking another run at this one ... last week's publication of Hollywood's Helplines had a couple typos and we want to make sure your battery knowledge is clear!

Our apologies, Hollywood, ... here's a revision of last week's column...


Keeping it Simple, Part 2

I get calls all the time from people who ask the simplest questions but they make the most sense. The only dumb questions are the ones never asked until it's too late. Sometimes common sense is not helpful. You need to know ... you have to ask!

Last month I talked about oil.... This month, THE BATTERY

  • As you've probably figured out, your battery takes a lot of abuse. A Harley battery usually does not last as long as your car battery does and most often we forget about the battery until it fails.

  • Older batteries are acid-filled and require distilled water when the levels get low. And while you're checking it, make sure the vent tube is not obstructed. Most newer batteries are AGM (absorption glass mat.) These are sealed and require little or no maintenance.

  • If you don't own a battery tender, go to your local bike shop and pick one up. I keep them in stock and they run about $40 and are well worth the investment. The battery tender is different from a trickle charger because it will not overcharge the battery. The tender usually comes with a pigtail to hook up your battery so all you have to do is plug her up and she will be charged when you are ready to go.

When you tighten up the connections on your battery, use blue loctite on the hardware and that'll keep the connections from loosening up. If you have electrical problems, hard starting, cutting out, etc, - check the battery connections first. If that does not fix it, bring it in to our shop and we'll fix it!

Remember, always take care of your battery!

See ya on the road,


Got a burning question up your pipes? Fire it off to hollywood@thecarolinarider.com








Here we come!

 Went to Wilmington, NC this past weekend. Stopped by some of the motorcycle-related businesses there and took some photos at a couple of events. Chatted with some folks at Carolina Coast H-D and Britt Motorsports. Saw Arnie who's looking toward his retirement in just a few months. Warned them all that The Carolina Rider is knocking on Eastern Carolina's door. If they don't know us now, they soon will!

Been talking with several professionals about new associations and partnerships with The Carolina Rider. We're stretching our wings in all Carolina directions and, if we're not known in certain areas, we soon will be. The Carolina Rider is here to cover all corners of both states and we're working hard to make that happen.

Dennis Munden of MotorcycleMaps.us and The Carolina Rider have formed a mutually-beneficial partnership to promote each other. Some of you might have picked up a Motorcycle Map at the Greenville Easyriders show. There are new SC maps in design and NC is currently available. Looking forward to helping Dennis and Motorcycle Maps.us

We have new sales people and writers and photographers eagerly coming on board. New energies. And it's been so great to hear from so many readers and supporters that we are filling a need for riders in our states.

Look out 2011, here we come!

Yes, new things happening. But then there are the old tried and true places, people, and events we hold dear. This weekend is one of those such things: The Charlotte CBA Swap Meet. Good time to get on your chaps and take a ride to the fairgrounds. And over the next few weeks we'll be involved in some other annual events: toy runs. The Carolina Rider will be set up at the Gaston Toy Run on the Sunday after Thanksgiving as well as the some others to come.

We'll see you there!


Until next week keep the shiny side up!!

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton
Publisher, www.TheCarolinaRider.com


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