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Free Thinking with Fancy Free


NEW COLUMN - Shag's Rant: "The Art of The Crash"


GatorBites with The Litigator, Jason E. Taylor


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Loose Talk with Jon



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of November 13-20, 2012

Tuesday 51 am showers, Wednesday 54 m-cloudy, Thursday 48 showers, Friday 58 m-cloudy, Saturday 54 few showers, Sunday 53 m-cloudy, Monday 59 p-cloudy, Tuesday 56 am clouds (as per on Monday 11/12/12)





The Ride

As promised last week, I am tickled to bring a new columnist to The Carolina Rider in this edition of our weekly e-Magazine, The Carolina Rider Scene. Jonathon "Shaggy" Peeler's column will usually come out at the end of each month but I just couldn't wait to introduce him to ya. He's a guy who LOVES to ride, is devoted to "The Ride," and, as his photo clearly shows, he is like most riders: absolutely enamored with his bike! I welcome Shaggy to The Carolina Rider and look forward to hearing tons more from this straight-to-the-point lover-of-two-wheels!

So what do I mean when I use the phrase"The Ride?" As I just wrote it, I realize that while I think you know what I mean, it might just require a smidge of defining.....

You KNOW what it means even if you've never given it a name, never described it to another individual, never even thought about what it is for you. When I say "The Ride," I am speaking of the deeper connection that one has with the experience of riding a motorcycle. It's something quite personal and unique to you - what you feel and crave about riding, what it means to you to take on the challenge, why you ride, what kinds of riding you like to experience, what you notice (both inside and outside of you!) when you ride, and how riding changes you and your life.

You've sensed it in other writers' stories. A couple years back, Mickey shared about it in his Hoka Hey story and Wesley always touched on it in his Zemplivin articles. Last year, Ed shared his own connection with The Ride and you certainly catch sight of it in Golden's meanderings and feel it whenever Stealth reminisces!

Today, our friend The Litigator shares from the part of himself that loves The Ride. While we more often get to hear his much-valued guidance on best ways to protect ourselves when injured, today he tells what The Ride meant to him last week - from a very real and relatable point of view.

What does The Ride mean to you?

Write me ....

I hope you had a chance to ride this past weekend - it was gorgeous riding weather! Looks like this week doesn't call for much of the same tho. Whatever you're up to, enjoy!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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The Art of The Crash

Bang! Smash, rattle rattle, clank. That's the sound of your sled hitting the ground at high (or low) speed. Like it or not, if you do any serious time in the wind it's a sound you're going to have to hear at least once or twice. Crashing sucks but it sucks a lot more on a motorcycle. This lifestyle we all know and love doesn't come with any fender benders. Anything you hit or anything that hits you has the potential to send your complacent ass to the promised land. You can try all you want to cover yourself in all the latest and greatest safety gear you want, but you still wouldn't be as safe as you would be in the family grocery getter. I'm not here to preach to you about safety, just passing along some road rash prevention methods. I've been wrecking bikes since I was 16 years old so I'd like to think I've picked up a few things ...

1. Focus

Acting bat shit crazy on a motorcycle is one of the few reasons I drag my boney ass out of bed in the morning. If done correctly, you won't find more fun in this life. Do it wrong and you run the risk of being scraped off an on ramp by a puking fireman. Here is where you use that big wrinkly thing between your ears: 110 mph is not the place to worry about shit like bills, asshole boss, cheating girlfriend, or any other unnecessary bullshit. Your mind needs to be on nothing other than your bike and your surroundings.

2. Let that son of a bitch go!

Trust me, a high speed lay down is not the place to grow a set of balls on and try to pull some heroic go-down-with-the-ship bullshit. If you know your bike is about to slip out from under you, you have about two seconds to make peace with your god and find something soft to aim for. Believe me when I say that bouncing on asphalt hurts way less than skidding across it.

3. The Enemies
Never trust a cager; better yet, always count on them to do the dumbest thing possible. Believe me when I say that the toothless, inbred redneck in the jacked up 4x4 doesn't give a shit about you. That little cell-phone-texting captain of the cheerleading squad won't think twice about crawling up your ass either. It's not enough to just look after yourself, you have to look out for everyone else as well.

4. Exit Strategy
Always have an escape plan. Whether you're on some crazy cross country jaunt or your usual weekend cruise, always be prepared to jump ship. Take a stop sign for example, never ever put yourself between two cars. One slip of a cager's brake and your left ass cheek is going to be his new hood ornament. Put a gap between you and whatever is in front of you and aim your front wheel at a spot big enough to keep you from becoming a grease spot.

5. Lids
I'm not going to stand here and preach to you about wearing a helmet. Just do me a big personal favor. Reach down and run your hand across the road at the end of your driveway. Go ahead, I'll wait ... (10 minutes later) Now, run your hand across your forehead. Enough said.

6. Don't be a candy ass!
I'm not sitting here trying to ruin this for anyone, we all know it's the lack of luxury and the danger that weeds out the punks in this game. All I'm saying is know your bike, know your route, more importantly know your limits. And dammit to hell, use a little gray matter before you charge out there and ruin your life or someone else's.

Until next time folks ...



From the BIKER, Jason Taylor

In this column, you most often hear from the LAWYER Jason Taylor. Today I share with you from the RIDER in me who also happens to be a businessman, a friend, and a lover of good food and drink!

It is Tuesday November 6th. I need a break. My trip to Raleigh on Friday has cancelled and Thursday isn't packed. I have some marketing issues I need to work on and I need Footloose to help me. Maybe we can go on a ride and work on it? Yea, have some fun but do some work. That's right, bike trip!

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton was immediately agreeable, of course. I called Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson to see if I could rent an Ultra Classic. While I love my Heritage Softtail, I have had an interest in an Ultra and thought this would be a good opportunity. "Yes," Minni at Blue Ridge said, "I will put your name on it, and I'll see you Thursday!"

So Footloose calls Mike Thrift, owner of Skyline Village Inn. Mike and his wife are out of town and the Inn is closed for the week. However, and really unbelievable, Mike decides to drive back and open the place up for Jon and I. I got to be honest, he opens it for Jon and I happen to be a lucky beneficiary of their relationship.

Now we have a date to leave, a destination, & I have a cool new bike to ride. Jon meets me at the office around 10:30, allowing me to get some work done first and then we are off. Jon had been wanting to ride the Diamond Back up near Mike's place in Little Switzerland. 190 curves in 12 miles! This was some great riding. It is on 226A and all within McDowell & Mitchell Counties in NC.

As you near the end of the ride you can stop in the Little Switzerland Cafe for lunch. We did. You have to try the smoked trout - locally caught and smoked in- house.


Then we get up to the Thrift's Skyline Village Inn. Mike and their two great dogs greet us as we arrive. We park in the covered "motorcycle-only" parking and head inside. Rooms are great, each with its own bath, cable television, and door out to a porch looking out over the valley. We head down to the kitchen and bar. Yes, we work for several hours, BUT, while drinking vodka tonics, laughing and eating all kinds of great food. Honestly, the carrot cake and pumpkin brownies (home made) were to die for. ... "Thank you, Mrs. Thrift!"

With a good drunk on, off to pass out, get up, ride back and be working in my office by noon Friday. Really folks, you have no idea how great that trip was for me. I had a great ride, got some important work done, visited with a great friend and met a new one. I also loved the bike, wow!

Stay vertical,


"The Litigator"



Our friend Tommy Fowler sent us this ....





















Great Week!!!


I had a really great week. As he writes in his column today, my friend Jason Taylor called and asked if I wanted to take a road trip on the bikes ... WELL, HELL YES!!! We left out early Thursday morning and went to the mountains. Read above or online now.

We had a great ride up and back. Then a group I'm joining had a meeting across town that got me back out for some more good riding. The Knights of Solomon, a Masonic Lodge that is a motorcycle lodge, took off in that gorgeous weather we had Saturday. End result: I'm happy to say I've applied to be a member.... I'll keep you posted. If you want more information click here.

Hey, have you sent me an e-mail yet requesting your free calendar????? It's of pretty girls and bikes and it's free so what ARE you waiting for???


The weekend truly had some amazing November weather - lucky for the Charlotte CBA who had their annual Fall Swap Meet. Wonder what these 2 CBA leaders are grinning about?

oh, maybe this.....


Finally, on a whole different topic, this recently came across my desk ....


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton




Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro


Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn
















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