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(photo by Claude "Boda" Chavis from Charlotte CBA Fall Swap Meet)

November 17th Edition

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Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

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Free Thinking with FancyFree

Gary B: Vive la France on a Wing!

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Boda: 42nd Annual CBA Fall Swap Meet & Bike Show

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The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE 2 Bus will be giving out Hot Chocolate & Cookies at the Following Holiday Charity Rides:

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of November 17-24, 2015

Wednesday 70h & overcast, Thursday 73h & p-cloudy, Friday 63h & clear, Saturday 57h & clear, Sunday 50h & clear, Monday 52h & clear, Tuesday 56h & clear (as per on 11/17/15)

What's this all about?

I decided a few weeks back to share my countdown with you all as I flip calendar pages till Footloose and I head south for a long holiday week in The Florida Keys. It's something we've done before but it's been years since we've had the chance to do it again. We head out of The Carolinas just as folks are wrapping last minute presents and baking the final Christmas cookies. We trailer our bikes into Florida and spend the night before heading further toward The Southernmost Point.

This year we're taking The Phoenix, our home on wheels, with bikes on a trailer behind. We'll be living in The BIG RIDE 2 Bus for the week Christmas thru New Years, enjoying some spectacular riding up and down The Keys, meeting up with some great friends who moved to Florida this year, and drinking in the colorful fun of Key West especially for its crazy New Year's Eve celebrations!

Riding in The Keys during December usually means sunshine on my shoulders, bridges across the bluest waters that challenge my nerves due to the blustery winds that whip my bike as I scurry across, cobblestone streets in the old town areas that also unnerve me sometimes, periodic stops at tiki bars and artsy shops, longer stays at great places to eat and drink and watch the whimsical hues of Key West pass by, and exploring off roads up and down The Overseas Highway. It's spectacular! I can't wait!

We head back this way after we sleep off the NYE glow. It's a scrumptious holiday feast, I tell you. Something I have been hungry for and highly recommend.

Holiday Schedule for your Weekly Magazine

The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine will not be published next week as we celebrate Thanksgiving

Additional off weeks coming up: December 22 & 29, January 5

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(A Whistle Stop!)

The Concerned Bikers Association’s Charlotte Chapter had its 42nd Original Annual Fall Swap Meet over the weekend of November 14th and 15th.  Twice a year, the Charlotte Chapter hosts the "Original Swap Meet and Bike Show," which is the oldest and largest on the East Coast, now held at the Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, NC. The Fall Swap Meet is always on the 2nd weekend of November and the Spring Swap Meet is always on the 4th weekend in March.

The first two CBA Swap meets were held in a small building off Highway 74 just east of Charlotte.  As the event grew in March of 1976, the 3rd Annual Spring Swap Meet and Bike Show was moved to the American Legion Post on Donald Ross Road in Charlotte.  A little over 20 years ago, the event was moved to the Metrolina Expo located off Statesville Road just west of Charlotte, NC. 

The first bike shows were very much local affairs during which used parts were sold or traded by local bikers.  Held in small buildings, the Meets were more about meeting other bikers and less about business.  Hot dogs and soft drinks were the main stays at first.

From that humble beginning, the meet has grown to fill several buildings and the grounds of the Metrolina Expo.  Over the years as the Meet attracted more and more customers and vendors, the tone of the Meets changed.  Tattoo and wet t-shirt contests were introduced.  The tattoo and wet t-shirt contests featured local members and friends at first.  Today, they are much more organized and attract contestants from around the country. 

The weekend was very much a reunion for the older members of the biker community.  Vendors like Miss Chrissy, the Patch Queen, came in from all corners of the country.  Miss Chrissy has driven down twice a year from upstate New York for the Meets for over 30 years. 

But the record for this Meet is held by Joe Lupo, another regular who has been a fixture at the Meets since 1983 when he was with Rolling Thunder.  Now, turning 50, Joe lives in Bangkok, Thailand, where he is raising his kids, ages 2 and 6.  This was Joe’s last Meet; he held a going out of business sale, practically giving away a massive inventory of leathers and accessories.

The younger generations were also well represented by infants and young children, like Connor, age 7, from Clear Lake.  He was proudly carrying a US flag.

Others, like my grandnephew Calien were present, making 3 generations in attendance.  Calien was upset because he had to leave before getting a memorial patch from the Mechanized Cavalry, 2nd Battalion, Company B of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but his Mamaw waited and got it for him.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) who ride motorcycles have banded together into a special interest group within the organization called the Mechanized Cavalry.  They feel that had the motorcycle been in existence during the War Between the States their ancestors would certainly have utilized that mode of transportation. They represent the present day mechanized cavalry of the Confederate States of America, as an on-going educational and social organization that makes historical presentations and seeks to maintain Confederate cemeteries and memorials.  They believe that the bond they share as descendants of some of the noblest warriors this Nation has produced cannot be replicated and makes the Mechanized Cavalry a unique group in itself.

Many other clubs and social organizations were represented.  Some came as preachers and witnesses for faith, such as the Laboring Few, and the Sons of God; others represented lawyers like the McGrath Law Group, and the Litigator (Jason E. Taylor); and then there were service organizations like the Sons of Soldiers, and Gunny Claus, whose motto is “No Kid Left Behind at Christmas". The Mission of the 1st Reindeer Division and Gunny Claus is to utilize all US Marine Corp resources to make certain that kids and families from 1 to 106 years old are remembered at Christmas.

Various chapters and districts of the Concerned Bikers Association were present to assist the Charlotte Chapter with its major event and to show their presence to the public.  And of course, there were acres of new and used motorcycles, and parts for the discriminating shopper.

I am already looking forward to the Spring 2016 Swap Meet and Bike Show – the weather is usually better and the ladies wear a lot less leather.

See you on the road.

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