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November 18th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause

The Carolina Rider's BIG RIDE Bus TOY RUN Schedule

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree - A Rider Dog!

The Tarheel Tornado - My Father and Son Ride

TCR Classifieds

(For Sale: 2002 Custom Roadglide + Trailer, 2012 Switchback)

Bub - My Favorite Time of the Year to Ride!

Be part of YOUR magazine in 2015

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Carolina Rider will be giving away 10 tickets to the 2015 Easyriders show in Charlotte at each toy run above!




The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus 2 will be in Greenville for the ending party of this toy run


The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus 2 will serving hot chocolate & cookies at the starting point of this toy run!

The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus 2 will serving hot chocolate & cookies at the starting point of this toy run!

The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus 2 will serving hot chocolate & cookies at the starting point of this ride!

The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus 2 will serving hot chocolate & cookies at the starting point of this toy run!


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of November 18-25, 2014

Tuesday 39 partly cloudy, Wednesday 45 clear, Thursday 55 clear, Friday 55 clear, Saturday 57 clear, Sunday 67 t-storm, Monday 70 chance of rain, Tuesday 59 chance of rain (as per on 11/18/14)

Rider Dog

In response to our request for photos/stories about any dogs out there who ride motorcycles, we got these killer photos of Shevi, one tough looking Rider Dog and her rider buddy, Ken Handy of Denver, NC!

I'm sure we're going to see several rider dogs in the next month or so at area holiday runs.

So tell others & make sure to bring your rider dog friend by The BIG RIDE Bus & let us get your picture!

Any other canine friends wanna share their ride with us?

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Catching up

Well it has been a great fall. I hope it has been for you! I have been as busy as the proverbial "cat in a room full of rocking chairs" with work and school and honey do lists, etc.  I went to Throttle Fest in Anderson a while back, and I ran into Lester with a few other friends there. I read Lester’s article on his time at Throttle Fest in “The Carolina Rider” and I think he covered it pretty well. He has a knack for getting an interesting photo doesn’t he? I hung out with them for a while, but let them do the late night gig. I had too much to do the next day.

Riding with my Son

My oldest son is a forecaster for the National Weather Service out in Little Rock Arkansas and he was coming in for a family reunion so he decided to come in a week early and we would go do a little riding. On the way out my son was following a tractor trailer rig when out of nowhere a step ladder was in the middle of the road. Fortunately, he had taken a motorcycle safety training class before getting his bike, and it came in handy at that moment. The class actually covered this - really! I know! I was stunned myself. He literally ran up the rungs of that ladder, and came out the other end, and managed to not drop the bike. However, it did break the radiator shroud on his Suzuki 109; but all things considered, not too bad.

(photo we got from

I met him in Crossville, TN September 26th, and we started our rides Saturday morning with the Devil’s Triangle. We went up Hwy 298, then out Hwy 62 to get to ...

Check out THIS Custom Chopper!

1998 Custom Rigid, 120CC Delkron motor. This is a great custom chopper, has many upgrades including, ape hanger handle bars, 5 speed baker trans, custom wheels, new tires, open primary, JB brakes and a chain drive. This bike screams with 120 hp and low miles. One owner. Call 704-236-9222 to see. Owner is motivated. $8500


2002 Custom Road Glide & Trailer - $32,000 with trailer!- One of a kind built by Camtech & tons of customizations: Custom House of Color Paint, Black with Candy Red Pearl host Flames, Low Miles, Diamond Cut Barrels, 88 punched out to 95 inch, Sachs Racing Head, 10:1 Pistons-Compression Releases, Cams, 42 Mikuni Carb, Wimmer Velocity Intake, Screaming Eagle Adj Push Rods, Fueling Lifters, FBI 2-1 hidden exhaust, Slash cut and tucked under bag, 6 piston front brake caliper, Metalsport Roxxy 26 inch Front Wheel, Camtech Stretched & Raked Front End, Camtech Stretched Tank, Custom Dash with Flush Gas Cap, Custom Chin Spoiler, Flared Side Covers, Camtech Stretched Extended Bags w/ LED Flush Integrated Signals/Brakes, Full Width Solid Fender, Sinister Drag Bars, Dakota Digital Gauges, Snakeskin Seats(Solo and Dual,) Custom Back Rest, Arnott Rear Air Rear Suspension with Handle bar controls, Flame Kick Stand/ Mirrors/ Grips/ Hwy Pegs, Banana Floorboards, Extended Rear Brake and Shifter, High Watt Stereo system & Speakers with Hand Grip Controls, & much more! Barry Pollack, call 386-212-3201

As seen in The Litigator 2013 calendar ... (Sorry, beautiful girl not included! ...)

2012 HD FLD Switchback for sale

29000 miles.  Two year extended warranty left on bike.  Serviced every 5000 miles by HD mechanic.  12 inch 1.25 inch handlebars with wiring inside.  HD signature seat.  Sissy bar with luggage rack.  Power Commander.  Chrome primary cover.  Screaming Eagle muffler. Engine guard with foot pegs.  Willie G. Skull trim.  The extended warranty is effective until 12-31-16.  Will sell for $11,000.00.  Joe Champion,, 704-419-9705

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  Even when I lived in perpetual summer Florida I couldn’t wait for Fall to come around. Fall means the temps have fallen a little so you don’t feel like you’re riding in an oven, the wind is a little softer, the light is softer and the grass is growing slower so you can ride your bike instead of your lawn mower.

The CPRs, of course, have taken advantage of the season and do what we do best.  In early Sept we rode to colorful Colorado and to wild Utah.  And, not knowing it was supposed to be Fall, hot New Mexico.  Actually parts of Colorado were entering Winter.  One park we wanted to visit was closed because of high wind and snow.

Now here it is mid- November and lots of trees have lost all or part of their leaves even as they show off in beautiful color. The temperature is considerably cooler and the days have lost a lot of light.  Even so we ride on.

(keep reading the full story and learn about this new CPR "battle cry!")

Early Oct Mickey and I rode up to Roan Mtn in Tenn. to experience the beautiful color — uh oh, guess we’re too early.  Even though some trees were in full color a lot were not. Oh well, try again later. So mid Oct Mickey, Charley and I rode up again. Oh no, we’re too late! About halfway up the mountain the trees were bare.  Guess we’ll have to console ourselves with a visit to Christa’s.  Oh yes, the Roan Mtn trip is one of  our famous short cuts to Christa’s.  Only a hundred miles or so longer.

On Sundays I like to ride for ...


It's getting to be that time of the year when most motorcycle businesses decide not to advertise because "no one spends money in the winter months." Well that's somewhat true but it is not an absolute. It is correct that people's attention has shifted from riding to "Holiday Day Mode," but if you give them a reason to spend money, they will. Check out how Top Stitch took on the Winter months:

While their mainstay is in bigger work like bike seats, bags, and leathers as well as boat and plane upholstery, Chris made up some holiday-focused fun items to sell and keep business flowing. And, you know what? Top Stitch is a brand new advertiser in The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine and with their very first ad last week, they received some business from our readers!

So, run a big bore special, offer a special deal on new paint with the caveat that their "NEW" bike will be ready to ride when the weather breaks. Got old merchandise? Now is a great time offer specials on those products to move them out of your shop and bring those dollars back in house.

We Can Help!

It is easy to just say "they won't come" or "nobody's spending money now," but if you get creative they will .. It's called marketing and The Carolina Rider can be a part of your vital marketing plan and bring you in some biz this season too.

Want to place an ad, contact me and have a great Holiday season!

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