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Happy Thanksgiving from The Carolina Rider!



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Free Thinking with Fancy Free


Golden Opportunities with Golden Carper


A Woman Rider's Perspective with Sandy Reece


Are you Ready for Toy Rides?


Loose Talk with Jon



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of November 20-27, 2012

Tuesday 64 p-cloudy, Wednesday 63 p-cloudy, Thursday 64 sunny, Friday 64 p-cloudy, Saturday 51 m-sunny, Sunday 53 sunny, Monday 57 m-sunny, Tuesday 56 showers (as per on Tuesday 11/20/12)





It's a Small World, afterall!

So we might be called The CAROLINA Rider but clearly our scope is much wider than just our two grand mid-South states. Of the 56,000+ subscribers to this humble weekly rag, we've got folks from Gaston County, North Carolina to Lexington County, South Carolina ... from Havelock, NC to Monck's Corner, SC .... as well as readers from Germany to Florida; New Mexico to Ohio; and Mississippi to New York! And, you know it's really no tellin' where you browsers are who hit up our website every minute of every hour. Where ARE those 3.8 million hits originating from? "The International Rider??"

The Carolina Rider is "based in the Greater Charlotte, NC area" right at the NC/SC border and we strive to reach as far out as we can with a modest crew, further with the help of our contributing writers, and much further with your assistance! When you send us flyers, stories, and photos or simply reply with a "yahoo" or "boo," you help extend our presence in and representation of your area. Want to hear more about riders, rides, activities, and issues in your neck of the woods? Give me a shout and become part of the wide arms of The Carolina Rider as a sometimes or frequent contributing writer, photographer, event reporter, or even a cartoonist! I welcome and encourage your involvement and sincerely want our coverage to stand for you as well as other riders in the far distance......

You may be one of our Carolina readers or perhaps from a further piece down the road .. or across the globe for that matter. Whoever you are, THANK YOU for checking us out! As Sandy reminds us all in her column below, it is indeed that time of year when we can reflect on the good stuff in our lives. Thanks for being on our list! Thanks for reading, replying, and exploring what we strive to share. Thanks too for getting involved in YOUR rider community wherever that is! Thanks for checking out our Sponsors, clicking on their links and giving 'em your business when you can. And, thanks to all of our generous Sponsors who are always listed in the column to the right! And, no, and I am not forgetting our various creative contributors to whom I extended my appreciation in recent editions of The Carolina Rider Scene. Deep, deep Thank You's to all!

"The Ride"

I had some replies from my words about "The Ride" last week and I'm looking forward to sharing them in the next few editions. If you didn't get your thoughts in, WRITE ME! I would love to hear what "The Ride" means to you and I have no doubt that there are many other readers who'll be into it as well.

As always, Golden gives us great images of what "The Ride" means to him! As you read his story today (which starts below and continues ONLINE,) notice the language he employs in describing his rides ("I see a road I haven't been on and turn, then another few miles and here comes a road that looks interesting-- and so it goes ... Hey look! there's another road we haven't been on. So off we go and it is good.") and the behind-the-words feelings shared between him and his ride partners, ("we're living our dream!") Makes my hands itch for some "push-steering" every time!


Thursday's forecast is the warmest and brightest day of the week. Will you ride to Thanksgiving dinner? Will you strap the turkey on the back and load your saddlebags with cranberries and green bean casserole? Will you take a little journey after lunch to clear the L-tryptophan fog in your head and fire up your metabolism to digest all that punkin' pie, dressing and gravy? Could be you head out on your bike to get away from the relatives ......

Whatever you're doing this holiday, may you be safe, happy, and free!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Ride 'em Cowboys, Rope those Doggies!


Friday morning, 7 o'clock, temp 28 degrees. What am I doing? Getting my riding clothes on, am I crazy? What can I say, I'm a motorsickle rider! Mickey swings by the house about 7:30, I put on my helmet, plug in my electric jacket and gloves and we're off. As we wait for the traffic light in Forest City a young man walks up to Mickey and talks to him until the light changes. We park our bikes outside the Forest City Diner about 8:20 and I ask Mickey what did he say. Mickey said he told him, "You're living my dream. I'm working hard now so I can live it too!" I reply, "You know we are living our dream!"

Go inside and the gal doing the waitress duties this morning hands us a cup of coffee. Uuuummmm good! 8:30 and up pulls Charles Rippy, our riding buddy and Mickey's boyhood friend from Lincolnton, NC. After handing Charley his coffee she takes our order. They ask me if I've planned a route for the day and I reply no. So we talk about where we want to go and finally Mickey tells me to ride and they will follow. OK and make sure you have fuel cause I don't know where we'll end up.

As an aside, I've got to relate what happened last week at our weekly ride. It was pretty cool, not cold like this morning but in the low 40s. Mickey and I are waiting for Charley to show up and here he comes on his VStrom. Walks in the diner and says his hands are about to freeze. He said he plugged in his jacket and gloves but no heat was reaching the gloves, Mickey asked him if he had the gloves on a splitter and Charley said no. Mickey replied that on that model of heated jacket you needed a splitter to send power to the gloves. Problem identified but not corrected as neither one of us had an extra splitter. So we sat and drank coffee awhile to let the sun get a little higher in the sky. We finally went out to the bikes and plugged in and prepared to pull off. Now remember, we 3 have inter-bike communication. Mickey and I hear Charley say, "What is that switch? Oh, s**t, I forgot this bike has heated grips!!" Of course Mickey and I crack up and it takes awhile before we're capable of driving our cycles.

Anyway this morning ....



This month on Facebook we are posting something we are thankful for each day. I have been reading some wonderful posts of thanks in reference to family. So my column this month is about THANKS and FAMILY in my motorcycling world.

First, I have to give THANKS to my father. As a kid growing up in a rural area where wooded areas and trails were endless, my father made sure my brother and I had mini-bikes or trail motorcycles to ride for enjoyment. These "play-toys" were homemade motorcycles from scraps of motorcycles. My dad was the master at building and creating these machines! My brother and I had great dirt bikes! Most of the neighborhood kids had a dirt bike of some form and we all toured the woods and trails around our home. It was like an adventure trying to find new places to ride and build new trails.

Second, I give THANKS to my brother for hanging out with his sister! We have some great memories of fun during our childhood. He aggravated me (like most brothers do,) but he was a cool brother!

Finally, I give THANKS to my husband for re-introducing me into the motorcycling world. He mentions the idea of riding a motorcycle again and I asked, "again?" He regales a story of riding in his younger days and why he stopped riding after an accident. I told him that I liked the idea BUT I could not ride behind him as a passenger. I am NOT a good passenger. I would want to ride my own motorcycle. He agreed BUT only after we completed the MSF course. Again, I am thankful he was mindful of refreshing our motorcycle riding skills before purchasing new motorcycles.

Now ... fast forward almost ten years now and many miles and adventures. I am THANKFUL to those men in my life that made motorcycling so much fun and safe for me!

As the holiday season approaches, take a moment to reflect on a great memory. Cherish the present moments with your family and friends and ... BE THANKFUL!



Our friend Tommy Fowler sent us this ....
















Short Week

It's Turkey Time, a short week for most of us, with Thanksgiving being the main focus of the week. Safe travels & good eatin' to you all.


Still getting ready for the toys runs that we will be involved with. The first where we'll park The BIG RIDE and our crew are on the first weekend of December. Dec 1st for The Gaston County Toy run and Dec 2nd, The Charlotte CBA toy run. Like last year we will be giving out hot chocolate and cookies at both events and we welcome you to either or both. Please bring a toy and be sure to stop by and say hi!!


Speaking of Ga Co CBA ... congrats are in order. The Gaston County CBA was voted chapter of the year again. That's the 3rd time. WOW, keep up the good work!!

The much-anticipated 2013 Calendars I've been touting are NOW OUT! I've spent much of the past week getting them to our area Sponsors and you guys who requested yours by mail (you guys from ALL OVER the US of A!) can find it in the mail shortly!


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton




Ride Like A Pro

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Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro


Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro



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Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

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Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


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