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November 19th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Mike on a Bike: Charleston Vet's Day Parade

Orangeburg Ron: Daytona 2013

Poni Princess: BOOK REVIEW - Dead in 5 Heartbeats

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of November 19-26, 2013

Tuesday 55 m-sunny, Wednesday 55 p-cloudy, Thursday 57 cloudy, Friday 64 m-cloudy, Saturday 60 few showers, Sunday 43 sunny, Monday 48 m-sunny, Tuesday 49 rain (as per on 11/19/13)



Occasionally you'll hear riders talking about road conditions or places or weather that they aren't too fond of when they're on their bike. Be it hail or snow, gravel or wooden planks, heat or cold, we riderfolk have things we can more easily lean into than others. I've shared before that 7-mile Bridge in The Keys was something to be feared until I conquered her the last time through and that once upon a time curves, especially to the left, used to get me in a tizzy. Fortunately those too have become more friend than foe and I appreciate the process of getting through their challenges, even if I was a baby about both of them when in the midst of my overly-nervous early rides. I still have my moments when I'd just as soon not put my bike up that driveway that goes straight up and down (honest, it's just about a 90 degree angle into one of the parking lots leading into the Habitat for Humanity store in Gastonia!,) or to push through the downpour.

How about you? I realize most of you out there are bolder, stronger riders than I have ever been or ever will be and, honestly, I'm cool with that. I'm way past believing I'm ever gonna be the hardest rider gal but I never cease to be impressed by you braver-than-hell women who ride everything everywhere no matter what! I see you out there on your monster bikes doing monsterously-ballsy stuff and it makes me happy to know you're out there! (Yes, yes. Most of you who ride are men. I know! I know! Please don't write me thinking that I've forgotten that important point even though our gender is running up fast behind you!)

Now many of you men and women riders are like our Footloose who's been riding since he was a kid and all things are second nature to him. But, I'm pretty sure there are those of us who aren't fully ready to take on every condition presented to our 2-wheels. What gets your heart pounding when you're on your bike? What gives you that shakey adrenaline shot? What takes a little more umph to get through?

Ron Lofts admits today that he's not into bridges. They can be a ungrounded and drafty ride for sure. In last week's article about Gary Burgess's Arctic ride, Poni Princess shares her hesitancy of riding on gravel saying, "Heck I get giggly just on a gravel parking lot!" (Me too!)

So, tell us if you dare, does anything give you pause as a rider?

Write me!

New Columns!

Mike on a Bike

Welcome back Mike on a Bike! Welcome back ... and welcome to the TCR family! I threw out a fishing line this week and Mike took the bait. He's the one who months back wrote about his cross-country adventure before, during, and after. Today, he shares a story about being involved in the Veteran's Day parade in Charleston with his STAR Rider buddies. Next week we'll get to hear from him again about a charity event he's spearheading. From there he's got some fresh story ideas we can look forward to in '14. Welcome Mike!

Biker Book Reviews!

Poni Princess tackled a new column feature this week with a BOOK REVIEW. Check out her experience with a Sonny Barger book that sounds like it has all the biker-counter-culture thrill and suspense you might be after in a fiction read. And hey, by the way, are you a reader? Have you read any biker books? Write a review! Tell us what you're reading so we can find something good next time we're browsing a library or bookstore or or what-have-ya.

See you in Greenville, SC Saturday!

Chilly days ahead but that's just as well cuz it's TOY RUN TIME! We'll be rubbing elbows with Greenville, SC this Saturday. Come join us at The BIG RIDE Bus! Come for the ride or to hang out with us at Greenville H-D amidst what I hear will be over 1500 riders. Don't let a little weather or a football game keep you away!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

On a beautiful but crisp morning, Star chapters from throughout the Southeast had the honor to participate in Charleston's Veterans Day parade.  This was my third parade in Charleston, an event that makes it onto my calendar as soon as it’s announced and a parade I wouldn't miss.

This year, to avoid having to start our ride at 6:30 in the morning, members of Star Chapter 352 Greenville elected to leisurely ride down Saturday, do the parade on Sunday and ride home after the parade.  Whoever thought of this is brilliant.  Fifteen of us went this year, with some riding (myself included), and some, in anticipation of cold weather during the ride, electing to trailer and, justly, receiving a good amount of ribbing upon their arrival.  Our ride was all interstate and pretty uneventful.  Upon arrival and check-in at our hotel, some of us cleaned and polished our bikes, some went shopping downtown, and some (well, me) took a long nap! ...


Reading of Lester’s article of his Daytona Beach story in The Carolina Rider made us remember our trip. We headed out to Daytona on Thursday after work and stopped in Darien Ga. for the night...

Our plan was to get off I-95 at Fernandina Beach and pick up A1A and take the ferry across – sounded like fun and on down to Daytona in the ferry.  Well as we were talking wondering when we would come upon the ferry we looked and saw a ferry leaving and wondered if that would be what the ferry would be like.  Actually as we were looking we missed the turn sign that had A1A turning and it was the ferry we were supposed to be on.

So we ended up going across this big bridge – and I don’t like bridges.  All I see when I cross these kind of bridges is that video of the bridge swaying in the wind.  We actually ended up outside Jacksonville so went around and ended up back on I-95.  Took the turn past the speedway and made it downtown.  We had a great time while we were there, but Sunday morning left from the hotel on A1A.  This runs along the beach and ocean before getting to St. Augustine. The highway runs right through St. Augustine, past the old fort that you can see from the drawbridge, which we were able to see in operation. 

And this time we caught the ferry just outside of St. Augustine.  It actually took longer waiting for the ferry, loading up than it did to cross the river, but it was fun!



As summer blends into fall and winter is peeking her head over the horizon I slowly progress into my version of hibernation.  I’ve pulled out the fuzzy blankets and put them on the princess couch, found my favorite gray sweatshirt with its frayed neckline and stretched out cuffs, dug out my special hot beverage mug and placed it near the tea pot. I’m about ready to settle in for chilly gray and wind blown days with the nights spent on the couch with Frog in front of the TV and fireplace. It’s time to catch up on movies we missed this summer, conversations about how we’ll remodel the kitchen next year, and my personal favorite, sticking my nose deep into a book and not coming up for air until Frog has something cooking on the stove or the Chardonnay is chilled just right. Pure bliss I tell you. I’ll change my mind after the first snow or ice storm blows through, but for now I am looking forward to my chance to retreat indoors and reflect on the most awesome year of my life and being surrounded by mounds of books just waiting for me to crack their spine.

So I went to the library and started pondering what genre of literary publications would entertain me this winter. I’ve spent the summer delving into early and ancient civilizations, anthropology of religions, and the occasional cook book. Now I feel I want to get out of my heady learning mode and slip into some exciting fiction. I’ve finished all of Dan Brown’s novels. I could go back to another favorite author, Patricia Cornwell, or I could take on Ken Follett or, my father’s favorite, Dan Baldacci. But I’m thinking something more in line with motorcycles and riding. So I googled ‘author-motorcycle-gang’ and came up with an amazing plethora of books, some true, some not so true, but all related to riding, brotherhoods, passion, and a little intrigue thrown in....


The BIG RIDE is going to Greenville, SC Saturday!

We're excited to be heading South this weekend to join with the good folks of the Greenville area for the big toy run put on by neighboring businesses, Greenville H-D and Quaker Steak and Lube for Toys for Tots. We hear that this one is well attended and so we're taking the bus and our holiday goodies to share. Look out South Carolina, we're on the way and we're looking forward to meeting you!

Not sure who else from our writer team might join us, (I hear Bub may make an appearance!,) but I'm happy that Lester will be in the ride and joining us at the bus for the afterparty. Lester hooked us up to bring the bus down and we're grateful that he made things happen. Thanks, man. I look forward to your story on the event.

Remember, it's time for you to get your cold weather shirts and hoodies from The Carolina Rider. I really like the designs on these things and I seem to be living in the hoodie on chilly days. Makes a statement when I'm on the bike, huh?

Get yours TODAY!

(We'll have some at The Bus on Saturday in Greenville to sell too!)


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