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(photo from Yellowstone by Talk)

November 29th Edition

In This Issue:

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Talk: Where I Rode this Season

The BIG RIDE Bus is goin' Toy Runnin'!

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Rebel Randi - Road Journal Entry #16

Loose Talk with Jon

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of November 30-December 6, 2016

Wednesday 73h & 100% rain, Thursday 63h & sunny, Friday 58h & sunny, Saturday 56h & p-cloudy, Sunday 51h & 60% showers, Monday 57h & 60% showers, Tuesday 59h & 30% am showers (as per on 11/29/16)

Looking over our Shoulder...

It's that time of year when some of us do a little look back over our shoulder to see where we've been. And we have certainly been fortunate to enjoy some great ride stories from our regular contributors this year so we'll reminisce a bit as we close out 2016 in the next few weeks. A couple of our Storytellers haven't been able to write as regularly as in the past and we miss them. Additionally, we had to say a little "so long" to Orangeburg Ron as he and his backseat rider/photographer/sweetie-pie relocate to their new retirement state (but we don't plan on this being a forever goodbye and expect to hear from them sometime down the road!)

Still, with the ebb and flow of life, we've also had a couple new folks ride onto the cyber-pages of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine this year. "Talk" did appear in short references in previous years but this year he throttled up his contributions, receiving his own column space as an occasional columnist and one of our valued Storytellers. Within the last month, Talk sent an email to another new columnist to share resources and encouragement to a fellow cross-country rider. Here's a little excerpt from that email:

"Randi...this is Talk. I've written about some of my rides in TCR. One of the last with a pix of my Road King this summer with saguaro cactus along the side of road north of Tucson. I live in Billings, Montana and, like you, did some cross-country riding this season. Thought you might like some info on riding in the northwest. Check out I have a copy of Motorcycling Montana, from the same source, that I received for my birthday several years ago. Good sources.

You mentioned Elko. I was there a couple years ago and met up with the Cannonball ( and rode along with them for a couple days. That was way cool! 2014: 1936 and older bikes; 2016: the Century Race with 1916 and older scooters !

In any case I'm wishing you safe travels and a warm place to land for the winter!"

Rebel Randi, whose journal continues below, has enjoyed several handfuls of emails from you all. What a fabulous connection! We are The Carolina Rider ... and yet, we have riders from New York (Randi,) and Montana (Talk,) who read and write for us ... and whose stories inspire us all to get out there and enjoy a ride!

I'm sure you will enjoy catching up with Talk and Randi below and you can look forward to hearing from 2 other great TCR Storytellers, The Tarheel Tornado and Bub, before the year gets away from us!

LOTS of stories this season .... and I didn't even get my stories from the year before written yet! (lol)

Weather up here, (remember: I live in Billings, Montana;) has been cooperating and I've been riding some almost every day......we'll take freaking 60s in November for sure ! .... predicting 70 for today (11/18.)

I bought a new 2016 Road Glide Ultra on Aug 24th, mid trip, and already have 6K on it. Was back for the 1K service in 2.5 days with 952 miles on the clock. I crashed my phone right before I went up to Libby/Troy/Yaak so I lost some of my statistics but I know I started the season with 37,xxx miles on the RK and turned over 50K when I rode it home from the dealer after dropping off the new RG for 1K service. So, loosely I'm figuring 12K plus on the RK and now over 6K on new RG so I have to have put on more than 18K this season .....and I thought 8K each of the last 2 seasons was pretty good for a fat old man!

("The 3 Amigos" - my brothers and myself. lock up your daughters! - here come the Talkington boys !)

This season I rode to Illinois, near St. Louis, then parts of Historic Route 66 from St. Louis to Arizona, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest NP, down to Tucson to see nephew, back to Kingman, AZ and Las Vegas. Then to Hurricane, Utah....Zion and Bryce Canyon NPs in Utah then to Colorado and met up with my youngest brother and 6 other guys(they call this their 'Guy Ride') from N St. Louis area in Rocky Mtn NP then west back into northern Utah, over to Jackson, Wyoming, Teton and Yellowstone NPs(I, too bought the yearly year it will be cheaper for me;-) in mid June, out of the park to Cody where my other brother in Billings and his wife rode down to have dinner with us....the 3 Amigos(on Hogs) on the loose again....;-) Then the Guy Ride continued north of Cody on the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway and the Beartooth Hwy down to Red Lodge, MT.....then over to Belfry, MT,  Powell, Lovell, WY and across the Big Horns to Sheridan, WY. From there I came home and they headed back east. Other trips this year included the Going to the Sun Hwy in Glacier, The Lochsa/Hwy 12 across Lolo Pass, south of Missoula, MT(99 miles pix near the summit) over to Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, WA and back and final big trip was to Libby, Troy and Yaak, MT then back to Glacier for Going to Sun again. Yaak area was awesome...good roads, terrific scenery and practically no traffic !   ...really low traffic on the Lochsa(Lock-saw) too....for a US Hwy. And of course, Sturgis, the week before, for the umpteenth time.....

I got to do the Going to the Sun Hwy 2x this year and the Beartooth Hwy 5 times, the last only to the Wyoming state line.... WY doesn't plow the snow up there and the road was closed at that point. 

I had 2 flats on the rear on Road King this season...and turned over 50,000 on way home from dealer after purchasing a new scoot that I finished the season with from the Hwy 12 ride on.

(At the Tom Mix monument. Tom Mix was a silent Western film star who was in almost 300 movies from 1909-1935. He died in a car crash in Arizona in 1940.)

Winter Projects

The way it all played out I kept the Road King so now I have a 3 Hog pig shop is kinda small so I had to do some rearranging to get both the RG n RK both in and have room to get around. Even had the old 1980 FXE running not long ago....and now instead of planned winter projects on the RK I have 2 bikes with winter projects.....

This is the 6th year that The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine has rolled out The BIG RIDE Bus to serve hot beverages and holiday cheer to riders in area Toy Runs! It's such a fun time to enjoy with riders whatever the weather. Sure, there have been some drippy cold ones as well as some way too hot ones that have been challenges ... but nothing takes the glow off our sugar plums this time of year!

The BIG RIDE Bus Toy Run Schedule for 2016

21st Annual Gaston Co Toy Run, Ranlo

Probably the first toy run we ever served was the Gaston County ride in Ranlo, NC and it's always heart-warming to be there! The bus doesn't leave with the ride but we'd sure like to some day since the ride makes many stops to give out toys to kids on site. Yes! It's not just a drop-it-off kind of toy ride. If you participate in this one, you'll be helping to hand out toys to the children who need and ultimately receive them!

Charlotte CBA & US Marine Corps Toys for Tots, Charlotte

Set on the same weekend as the Gaston Co. ride is the Charlotte CBA ride. We love getting to see folks on both Saturday and Sunday who make it an annual tradition to ride in both rides. This ride gathers at what us old Charlotteans call "The Old Coliseum" and which the rest of you might call Bojangles Coliseum. Just it's location draws a lot of us natives since we know where it is and have tons of memories there including concerts we went to in the 70's! Put on by the Charlotte CBA and the US Marine Corps, it leaves the coliseum and heads to Harley-Davidson of Charlotte for a party.

Windjammers 28th Annual Toy Run, Shelby

Our final ride of the year is in Shelby, NC. We've been happy to serve riders at this ride for a handful of years, except for that year it rained so hard and we didn't make it out. The Windjammers Motorcycle Club makes this one happen for the children of Cleveland County children's homes. They're a dedicated group and there's a large turn-out from the community to ride for the kids. The ride gathers at the Cleveland Mall and in addition to toys, riders are welcome to make monetary donations that go to the children of the Cleveland County foster care system.

What's Goes on at The BIG RIDE Bus?

We started a tradition the first year that we had the original BIG RIDE (which, as many of you will recall, burned a few years back.) We boil gallons and gallons of water and have urns of it for you to make yourself a steaming cup of hot chocolate to warm your hands and belly after your ride to the start of each ride. After years of requests, we added coffee last year. It's FREE to you! No charge!

There's usually some holiday cookies to dunk in your beverage, Christmas music playing over our sound system, and cheerful elves to serve you too!

You know, toy runs can be chilly, drippy, snowy, or steamy here in The Carolinas. As you are surely aware, Fall and Winter temps are up and down and in between. If the heat's up, we may forego the hot beverages for bottled water and a fan!

After the Toy Runs

As our toy runnin' draws to a close, shortly after so will the publishing year for 2016. The magazine (and us!) will be on holiday for a couple weeks preparing for a bang-up 2017. What's the New Year got in store? Well, the annual Easyriders Show is in Charlotte on January 21st. That's our own personal annual party and we hope you'll join us. Keep your eyes open in the next couple weeks' editions of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine for more info ... and perhaps even something to WIN!

(p.s. There will also be a publishing holiday the week of Thanksgiving which means we have 5 more editions left for 2016.)


Put on your Leathers This Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday are some of our favorite events of the year - Saturday's Gaston County Toy Run and Sunday's Toys for Tots Ride. The BIG RIDE 2 will be there with some elves serving hot beverages and cookies to riders. The weather for Saturday is 56 and partly cloudy and Sunday's forecast is 51 and 60% rain. The temps are great for toy rides! (But you know, while we need that rain, we'd rather it come in after the ride!)

... and Ride!

So go buy some toys and join us for BOTH rides! Put on those leathers that you rarely get a chance to wear around here, and get on your bikes and ride for the kids.

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