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Santa & Mrs. Clause give Frosty Directions!

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Lil' Weather

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Toy Runs

Other Events

Free Thinking with Fancy Free

Stealth's Custom Corner

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Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Dec 6-13

Monday 40 sunny, Tuesday 37 sunny, Wednesday 41 p-cloudy, Thursday 47 p-cloudy, Friday 53 am clouds, Saturday 54 m-cloudy, Sunday 52 showers, Monday 44 sunny (as per www.intellicast.com on Monday 12/6/10)


TOY RUNS on Dec. 11th

Cruizin for Kids Toy Run in Lincolnton, NC

2nd Annual Confederate Gypsies M/C Toy Run in Statesville, NC

13th Annual Toy Run to Brenner Children's Hospital in Greensboro, NC

Nazareth Childrens Home Toy Run in Concord, NC

Other Runs this weekend:

Saturday Dec 11th

Wreaths Across America Escort Ride in Cameron, NC

18th Annual Motorcycles & Classic Cars Poker Run in Shallotte, NC

Sunday Dec 12th

Vets Christmas Charity Ride in Columbia, SC

Christmas Family Sponsorship Ride in Burlington, NC


And, just a little further down the road ....

Saturday Dec 18th

4th Annual Catawba Indian Toy Run in Rock Hill, SC



a few events & destinations that you might like to ride to this week....

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We're a CyberMag

~ Go Ahead, Flip our Pages! ~

We're a "CyberMag." Don't know if that term has yet been coined in techoworld, but there's gotta be some way to describe our publications and that sorta works....

I do love to flip through the pages of a printed paper magazine. Most often I check out the cover for pictures and words that peek my interest and blast past anything else to get to the good stuff. Often I start at the back and flip with my left hand toward the cover! Sometimes I'll just let the pages flop open and I check out wherever I land. And then, occasionally I will actually start at the beginning and studiously scan page-by-page.

I love the feel of flipping pages but I have learned that there's space in my life for my new love, this cybermag! I've been Editor of a printed magazine as well as this form of publication and I can see the versitility of cybermagging. "Flipping the pages" through menus and buttons and layers and layers and layers of info give me even more ways to approach my reading! I still pick and choose what suits me at the moment...and with cybermags, I have the truly great option of going back again and again to old info without wearing the pages thin and crumpled!

While at the eye doctor's office this past week, I looked around the waiting room and noticed a variety of reading choices going on. Most were browsing the publicly germ-explosed waiting room magazines. (Now, honestly, I don't worry so much about germs ... just kind of commical to think that we're told to not shake hands when we're under the weather and there are sick folks in doctors offices sharing their ills thru magazine contact!) A couple folks in this waiting room were lost in Blackberries. And there was one woman was reading on a flat screen like an IPad or Kindle. Don't know if it was a magazine or a book. No flipping sounds ... but she was absorbed in her read....her CyberRead!

While I was grapevining thru parked wheels at Ranlo Church of God for this past weekend's toy run, I got the chance to chat with a number of you beautiful Carolina Riders! (Photo to the right is just a very very tiny part of the crowd putting toys in trucks to be delivered...there were TONS of riders present for this ride!.)

Some of you knew about The Carolina Rider; some didn't. Most everyone was interested in what I meant by "an online motorcycle magazine" (I hadn't yet come upon the CyberMag concept) .. and many riders had a story to share and a cause to make known. Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement and support! Your smiles and pats-on-the-back go a long way with this tender-hearted writer! Everyone needs to hear that what they're doing makes some difference in the world ... so it was affirming for me to know that there are those of you out there who want and need what we're offering with these publications. Sure, we have room to grow and change but we're at least wandering in the right direction....

So this CyberMag is working so far. Not only can you access the website that contains the life-blood of The Carolina Rider from its beginning and into its far-ranging future, but there's this added weekly publication that gives a little more personalized contact with The Carolina Rider. Thanks for subscribing! And thanks for telling your friends to subscribe and for sharing your info and ideas with us! YOU are why we do this thing we do....


Wanna Write about The Ride of Your Life?


Here's something a little different to consider for your new year ahead.....why not explore writing? No, it's not the norm to find a writers' workshop flyer in a motorcycle e- news, but I'm the one offering it...and several riders are already coming...so if you think you might like to develop your storytelling muscles and put some of the stuff of your life down on paper (or a computer screen!,) here's a chance. The afternoon will be filled with easy and fun opportunities to learn how to write what you think about...what you see in life......what you want to say. You'll discover the "voice" you naturally have to use in your writing and your natural gifts as a storyteller. I promise....nothing dry and boring for those who honestly want to develop their writing skills.

Sure, I'd love for you to get so turned on by writing that you decide to share Stories from Your Ride with The Carolina Rider. But the goal of this workshop has an even bigger intention: to light the fires of creativity wherever they might burn!

Questions? Wanna Register? GIVE ME A HOLLER!

I'm enjoying connecting with friends on Facebook! My last several weeks have been insanely busy and I admit I've been slack in my FB communication....but I'll get to it! What a great way to create relationships.....

Have you been Facebooked?

FancyFree now has a Facebook account so please do "friend me!"


Flip on over to www.thecarolinarider.com when you have some moments this week and browse through some new material just posted this week. Both Wesley and Jane covered recent toy runs and Jon and I grabbed a few pictures at Gastonia's toy run Saturday. Always more to come. Always grateful for those who are sharing their gifts and passions with The Carolina Rider!

Check out what's new online!

Photos and stories from some recent events.

Toy Run coverage by Jane and Wesley is online now.

More event photos ready for viewing.


Stay warm thru this frigid week!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor



As soon as I saw this bike I named it the "GANGSTER." The bikes owner agreed that was the look he was going for. I spotted the Gangster at a Friday night bike night at McKoys this past summer. The Gangster stood out in the crowd as the light danced off the spotless chrome. I introduced myself to Aaron Ellis and we set up a time to get the low down on the Gangster.

If you watch the Sons of Anarchy, this bike reminds you of the bikes the Mayans ride ... the Sons rivals on the show. You know the bikes with the high bars,, full set of lights in the front, 21" front wheel with white wall tires and full fenders,  the long true dual fishtail pipes and low seats... very cool bikes!  Well the Gangster could strut right along beside these!
The Gangster is so clean, you could eat off the engine! This is a perfect example of making just a few changes to a bike, but those changes have a BIG impact ! The changes made enhance everything the factory gives you. Those 100 spoke Radial laced wheels from American Wire Wheels really stand out. All the wiring is run inside those 16" Ape Hanger bars, for a very clean look. The Vance & Hines fishtails put out a real nice exhaust tone. The Gangster sports H-D floating rotors, front and rear for sure stopping and for that low down into the bike look sits a Corbin seat.
The Black and White factory paint scheme goes great with the Gangster theme. The white wall tires really blend well with the paint. The Gangster possesses that classic timeless look that we have all seen. It never gets old or goes out of style- it just keeps evolving!
One thing about this bike, you did not have to hit the lottery to make it a one of a kind. Some money was spent but more than that some planning and thought went into what to change and what to leave alone and that is what makes the Gangster not only a "LOOKER but a RIDER also!"
It was a pleasure talking to Aaron. It did not take long for me to see the pride he takes in his bike but already knew that when I first saw it!  

Until next time, RIDE!



Got a bike you think Stealth needs to see?


Gifty BITS

Some Holiday gifts for yourself and others you love....

Stainless Steel Jewelry now sold at Mad Dog Custom Cycles in Lake Wylie

Here's a great list of gifts local to South Carolina - from foods to art to books!

Camping Gear for Motorcycles! Hog Haven's gear is highly recommended by The Carolina Rider!

Raci Babi helmet liners are the thing for those of us with long hair!

FancyFree says "I LOVE my saddlebags!" and here's the link to Leather Connexion so you can check out these beauties. Not for all bikes or for all bikers....but they're the special touch on FancyFree's ride!

For the Outdoorsy ones.... SC State Park Gift Certificates!

American Motorcycle Association (AMA) has Holiday Cards!

Cyber Monday Sales on BikeBandit.com (this is being promoted by the AMA altho we're not familiar with the site ourselves ... so let us know what you think....)

Get a Can of Pig Spit from Mad Dog to Shine up Your Ride

Art from the Harley-Davidson Museum

Your Personalized Rivet in The Wall at H-D Museum

Indian Motorcycle Ornament

The Carolina Rider t-shirts in traditional black and snuggle-worthy sandwashed grey


Giving the gift of Education and Safety

How 'bout give someone tuition to a new rider class? Here are some contacts....

Central Piedmont Community College

Rider's Edge, H-D of Charlotte

Rider's Edge, Cox H-D





As November ended, The Carolina Rider hit a strong milestone: ONE MILLION HITS!

Hits are a website's indicator of how much people are accessing what we have in our website....clicking on our pages and information. It's a really great indication that www.thecarolinarider.com is being used ... and therefore a good indication that there are a LOT of readers out there.

Recently a couple people have asked about how they can get involved in The Carolina Rider. I urge you to choose something on the list below and get involved if you like. We want and appreciate your support and direct involvement!

Here are some possibilities....

  • Subscribe to The Carolina Rider Scene
  • Submit EVENTS you know about on our CALENDAR (you don't have to wait on us to do this....do it yourself and ensure that the info is correct and posted when you need it there!)
  • Share your stories and photos! Write a little something about an event, about a ride you've been on, about your experiences as a rider. Take photographs to share. And then just send these things in for us to publish too!
  • Get involved on our FORUM. It's very underutilized at this point but it can be a valuable place to connect, to research, to learn.
  • Ask me or FancyFree how you can get involved as a writer, photographer, event reporter, or sales associate
  • Ask us about helping out in one of the following areas: The Club Room, Caring Carolinas, Girl Power

and finally, but MOST IMPORTANTLY,

  • Please Support our Sponsors! We call our advertisers "Sponsors" because they make this publication possible with their funding. So, please, click on their links and turn to them for resource, products, and professional support.



The raffle winner from the Gaston County Toys for Tots Toy Run for $100

from The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor was

Greg Holmes
Clover, SC 29710



We're grateful to be here and serve you.


Until next week keep the shiny side up!!

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton
Publisher, www.TheCarolinaRider.com






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