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Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with Fancy Free


Big Mike Buildz Bikes, another build by The Bike Exchange!


Thunder Riders, Columbia, SC - Gift Delivery


THIS WEEKEND: One last Toy Ride!!


Loose Talk with Jon



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Give to others - Get a Discount for yourself

For the fifth time in as many years, Cox's Harley-Davidson in Rock Hill, SC is asking you to participate in their annual food drive, and in exchange they're offering you a 10-20% discount to treat yourself to a gift at the dealership. "Bring in non-perishable food items on December 15th and we'll give a discount on your purchases," shares Rick Caviness, manager at Cox's H-D. "We're a family dealership - family owned and operated - and so it is an opportunity for us to give back to our community and help less fortunate families."

The foods go to Hope Ministries, a food pantry serving the Rock Hill area. "Last year's donations fully filled the bed of a pickup truck and we hope to have more this year," stated Caviness. Here's how you can help make this year even bigger and help nourish the need in the community ....

They're so motivated to help out, this offer is open the full week leading up to December 15th!





The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of December 11-18, 2012

Tuesday 65 m-cloudy, Wednesday 51 cloudy, Thursday 56 sunny, Friday 57 m-sunny, Saturday 58 m-cloudy, Sunday 59 showers, Monday 59 p-cloudy, Tuesday 54 m-cloudy (as per on Tuesday 12/11/12)





What The Carolina Rider wants for Christmas

2013 is GONNA BE A GREAT YEAR! I believe it. I declare it. I wish it for you, for me, for us all! And as I look into the crystal ball of The New Year, I see some visions of The Carolina Rider as it grows and further develops to better serve you, our readers, and the many diverse communities and individuals we reach.

Here are our 8 wishes this year for next year ...

1. An EDUCATIONAL COLUMN focusing on motorcycle riding skills as well as some general bike owner how-to's and suggestions - ANY MSF INSTRUCTORS want to take this on? contact me

2. A MOTORCYCLE EVENT PLANNING WORKSHOP - Because of our long history involved with the planning, marketing, and implementation of tons of small to large events, we receive frequent requests for event planning help. In answer to this call, we will be offering a most helpful workshop for YOU in early February with the intention of helping not-for-profit organizations and individuals who want to create and/or sustain a profitable charitable motorcycle event (ride, run, show, rally.) Got something you want to make happen in 2013 and want it to be THE BEST it can be for all involved? We can help! Interested in getting active hands-on help in planning, designing, marketing, and implementing a truly good event that makes money for your cause? Contact me now!

3. MORE EVENT REPORTS from YOU about rides, runs, shows, and rallies in your neck of the woods ... like the wonderful story shared by Tim Jones of Columbia, SC's Thunder Riders below!

4. MORE RIDE STORIES about your own personal riding experiences, adventures, and plans

5. A BIKE NITE REPORTER (or several scattered across NC/SC!) to wander about and cover what's happening throughout The Carolinas during Bike Nite season. Interested? Contact me!

6. ADVERTISE WITH US! Your motorcycle-related business or service will find our marketing scope of tremendous value to you with our email readership up to over 56,000 readers and our monthly online hits of 3.8 million and 50,000 unique visitors. And your advertising dollars make these publications possible. Contact Jon!

7. SELL FOR US! Do you travel around The Carolinas and have a nack for talking to folks and making new friends? Do you have a good handle on the biker community in your area? Being a sales rep for The Carolina Rider can be a LOT OF FUN and very rewarding and you can make money too. Generous commissions plus you have a direct hand in keeping these valued publications alive and kickin' the pavement! Contact Jon!

8. In all of the above, we'd especially like to hear from the areas of BOTH STATES who haven't previously had a voice in The Carolina Rider. Want more coverage in your neck of the woods? Give us a hand! Even small efforts are BIG DEALS. I'd love to hear from you!



Tell me your Wishes and Dreams ...

We won't be publishing The Carolina Rider Scene for the two weeks of Christmas and New Year's ... so next week is our final edition of 2012. Please send me your CHRISTMAS WISHES and NEW YEAR VISIONS to post next week no later than Sunday the 16th.

With sugar plums in my head...I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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There really aren't a lot of words to describe a bike like this. Owner Jeff Compton and CEO of Europa Sports Products right here in Charlotte wanted The Bike Exchange to turn his 1961 panhead into a murdered out bobber ... ohh yea ... WE WERE EXCITED! This build was right up our alley, we started with a complete motor rebuild from the bottom up then slapped the fresh motor in a brand new softail frame. We decided to go with a flat satin black paint and even went as far as powder coating the cases on the motor.


The wheels are custom two-tone fat daddy spokes and for some extra street cred, we decided on no front fender and an open primary. We wanted to keep the bike as tough looking as possible so we threw in some straight bars, custom springer seat and wrapped custom exhaust. One of the coolest features ... the original kick-start is the only way to fire it up and this motor is so dialed in it fires up in just a few kicks! The bike sounds as good as it looks and rides AMAZING to say the least.

If your old bike just means too much to you to sell, give us a call and we'll bring her back to life!




This is a follow up to the Thunder Riders Families Helping Families Benefit Poker Run held on Sept. 15th, 2012 in regards to the purpose and end results of that fund raiser ...

by Tim Jones, Columbia, SC

On Dec. 8th, 2012 our Chapter had the great privilege of delivering the gifts purchased with the funds raised in our Sept. Poker Run. This year we had four families we "adopted" through the Palmetto Project and WIS-TV. They chose the families, and when we made request for choosing families, we asked that the families would allow us to deliver our gifts directly to them. Our group had fun shopping for the families the Saturday after Thanksgiving and then wrapping the gifts that same day. Gail Bragg, our secretary, did a great job facilitating our shopping spree that day. We had over $3000 raised to spend for the families. Gail had our shopping list all laid out in a manner that made it a breeze and added to the pleasure of knowing while shopping what smiles we were going to put on the faces of these families....


CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE to continue reading Tim's story online! ....















Year-end Countdown

Hey! I enjoyed a great call from a rider today. If you didn't see the story of biker-helping-biker click here because it's a really good one.

We are almost at the end of another year, before you know it we will be talking about the ride again and griping about the temps being too high, but not yet. One more toy run for The Carolina Rider...

The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus will be set up at The Windjammers MC Ride for Children in Shelby at the Cleveland County Mall, it's called "Ride for the children" and it's on Sunday the 16th. THIS SUNDAY.

I hear this too is a really big ride. Hoping for good weather and great turnout. As I understand it they have given away over $500,000 since they started this ride. The Carolina Rider will be there giving away a trip to the mountains.

See the flyer and press release above about the toy run and come see us and be sure and say hello....


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro


Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




















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