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Sponsor Highlight: Harley-Davidson of Charlotte

International Motorcycle Show giving away BIKE!


Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with Fancy Free

Durham HOG Shares a Story

Myrtle Beach Bike Week West


GatorBites with The Litigator: Firing an Attorney?


Blastoff's Legislative Perspective: You, Your Bike, and Ethanol


Ride Report from Jane: Touring Cozumel on a Harley!


Loose Talk with Jon

Join TCR in 2012 - we're looking for Regional Managers!


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Dec 12-19, 2011

Monday 50 few showers, Tuesday 61 m-sunny, Wednesday 63 m-sunny, Thursday 66 p-cloudy, Friday 65 m-cloudy, Saturday 54 few showers, Sunday 53 p-cloudy, Monday 59 p-cloudy (as per on Monday 12/12/11)






They've said it all!

Last week I wrote my thanks to those who have been regular contributors to The Carolina Rider and The Carolina Rider Scene. This week, I see that due to the amazing readers, writers, and friends around us, I don't need to say much more. In fact, this mini-mag e-news is so jam-packed I will not fill it up more with my own rambling thoughts. It's enough to simply say how sincerely grateful I am to those who have shared their writings and photos for today's edition. (and to revel in anticipation of all the other scrumptious offerings on the road up ahead...!)

You're gonna enjoy a taste of tropical escape when you read Jane's Touring Cozumel on a Harley!

You're appreciate Blastoff's attention to legislative issues of potential importance to NC riders!

You'll find valuable guidance as always from attorney Jason Taylor in GatorBites - whether you need it today or later know where to turn when you need to!

You'll be grateful to hear about the work of one of The Carolinas' HOG chapters thanks to a story and photos sent in by Geoff of Durham HOG!

And, of course, there's much more you can find in today's edition and in the many more to come each week to your Inbox.....




... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!

Durham HOG reports in!

20th Annual Durham H.O.G. Salvation Army Toy Run
Durham, NC - Nov 20, 2011

story and photos by Geoff Greene, Secretary of Durham HOG

This year the Durham Harley Owners Group celebrated their "20th Annual Salvation Army Toy Run." Nearly 100 motorcycle riders gathered at Shelton's Harley-Davidson in Durham to line up for this police-escorted ride through the City of Durham to the Salvation Army barracks on Liberty Street. Bikes were decorated for the season with the glimmering red, white, silver and gold complementing the bikes' chrome and custom paint. Even Santa Claus was present on the lead bike. The weather was perfect and the procession was impressive as it rumbled through the city with a special delivery - a shiny red truck full of toys for the Salvation Army.

Toys donated by all who participated will make this Christmas special for the children who might otherwise go without. In addition, the Durham H.O.G. chapter once again donated over $2000 to help feed people in need. Major Smith and Lt Bruce Rabon of the Salvation Army of Durham, Orange, and Person Counties accepted the donations from the Durham Harley Owners Group Director Stan Parker, and Chapter sponsor Shelton Davis.

Durham H.O.G. is a local chapter of the Harley Owners Group. The Chapter is comprised of about 80 local Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts who, in addition to riding for fun, donate their time and efforts to support local and national charities with funds raised during their Annual Bike Show and other events throughout the year. If you see us around town during the next few months, stop by and say hello. For more information on the Chapter, please call 919-596-9511 or email us at


Next Year (which isn't far off now!) ...


Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo"


December 8, 2011 - Myrtle Beach Bike Week LLC & Sonny Productions LLC is proud to bring for the first time ever Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" to the Florence Civic Center March 2-3, 2012. This expo is expected to be the largest family-friendly motorcycle event in the Florence SC area.

Tina Dean with the Florence Civic Center states, "The expansion of Bike Week to Florence is exciting news as we expect a dramatic increase in overnight stays and restaurant revenues for the immediate area. We hope the debut proves successful for both Florence and the event thus creating an annual return for biker enthusiasts."

The Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" is estimating over 100 vendors including Vintage Motorcycle Displays, Seminars, Live Entertainment, Drag Bike Displays, Ride in Bike Show, Stunt Riders, Custom Builders, The Marketplace - Vendors Mall, Used Motorcycle Parts Corral, Used Motorcycles for Sale plus much more.

Family Day is Friday, March 2nd. Bring the family to enjoy the fun.

Tickets for the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" can be purchased day of show. $5.00 off admission coupon is available at the Florence Civic Center located at 3300 W. Radio Drive Florence, SC 29501, local Motorcycle Shops, Sponsor Locations and online at


More details about the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" contact Sonny @
336-643-1367 - cell # 336-580-1638, e-mail







2 more editions of this weekly mini-mag e-news to go for 2011. Hard to believe the calendar is set to turn. This time of year, I take some time to look ahead. I actually write and draw out my vision and intentions for the New Year to come. It's not the same as "resolutions." No, it's about mapping out my journey in the same way I would a bike trip and I find it to be a powerful tool for positive living. Once I set my vision, however, I let it go and enjoy the ride wherever it takes me.

And I'm dreaming big and bold for 2012!

I know there are many of us who are struggling and challenged in so many many ways. Yet I hold a strong vision that the New Year will offer us all some room to BREATHE, more moments of JOY, and grand rides of true FREEDOM!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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A question from a reader about firing your lawyer! ...

Hay Jason, if I hire a lawyer and I am not happy with him or her can I fire them and hire another lawyer? What do I do if they fire me, the client?


The Litigator fires back an answer ...

You can always fire your lawyer, and your lawyer can fire you most of the time.  That is the short answer. Here is the real story. When you fire a lawyer who has done work for you, most will expect to be compensated for the reasonable time and money they have invested in your case. So, when you hire another lawyer or handle the matter on your own they will expect to be paid. The way this is handled varies on the type of case and it's always a good thing to discuss upfront when hiring a lawyer. Most contracts of representation will address this issue.

What about if the lawyer wants to drop my case? Again, a lot depends on the type of case. A lawyer who handles domestic issues has a different way of handling this issue than perhaps a criminal lawyer, or an injury lawyer. Discuss this issue upfront and again your contract of representation typically addresses this issue.

An important note, lawyers are familiar with the old saying, never be the third lawyer on a case. Meaning, if the client has fired two other lawyers or two other lawyers dropped the case, you probably need to stay away. This does not mean a lawyer will not take the case, it does mean we will think long and hard before we do.






Touring Cozumel on a Harley

My Thanksgiving Vacation!

Thanksgiving usually means me in the kitchen from 6 a.m. to noon preparing the family favorites. But this year was different. And yes, I may be bragging a little bit. Greg and I spent Thanksgiving week on the Royal Caribbean "Allure of the Seas," the largest ship in the ocean. It was fun to know that Captain Johnny was a Harley Rider and we passed his Yellow Harley each time we went out the Gang Plank. Even though we didn't have any issues with sea sickness, we were a little homesick for the Toy Runs we were missing right here in our NC back yard!

Captain Johnny's H-D!


But, thanks to the internet, I found a land excursion for Cozumel that put us back in the saddle! That's right - a Harley Davidson Tour of the island! Thanks to our guide, Carlos aka "Charlie Brown," and Sergio who was our sweep, we had the opportunity to go beyond the shiny gates of just shopping in a vacuum of slick marketing!

We had a total of 5 riders with Carlos at the front and Sergio in the truck behind us. The gentlemen we road with were big into drag racing and from PA. This was one of many Harley tours for them on their travels. I was the only female and, I was told, #32 of single riding females in the past two years. (yeah me!)

We all road on Sportsters. Keep in mind, the weather eats these bikes up. The chrome on our forks had lost its shine and the island air tears a bike down so quickly that they are replaced often. I settled for the 883 because it appeared to be the lowest and Sergio had tools to expand the space of the shifter for my platform boots. With a brief overview of what to expect, some safety tips about avoiding the Red Stripe cabs and some hand signal reminders, we were ready to hit the road.

"We all rode on Sportsters. Remember, the weather there eats these bikes up."


Along the way, we even had a personal photographer,"Paparazzi," that stopped us on several scenic backdrops while Sergio blocked traffic for our "photo shoots!" Of course, when riding on the outskirts of the island, every shot is sunny, with white sand and clear blue ocean in the background. The island is 12 miles wide by 40 miles long.

READ THE REST of my story and see more of my photos HERE! ....




This Winter

Description: IMS_Logos_0810_Final

I've mentioned to you before that the International Motorcycle Show has chosen Charlotte as one of its show sites for this Winter. Check out their latest press release (above) about the bike they're giving away! The Carolina Rider and our Big Ride bus will be at the show and hope to see you there. It's a ways off - scheduled for February 24-26, 2012, but go ahead and get it on your Winter calendar.....

I might not be consistent about getting you a video of the week ... in fact, in the busy-ness of my life, I guess things are more sporatic than regular. But I haven't forgotten that I started something a few months back and I will drop in a video of the week periodically such as this one:

Footloose's Video of the Week!

ok, so this isn't a motorcycle or even anything related to bikes but the strength, agility, and beauty of this pole dancer makes it something you just gotta watch!!

Looking for Regional Managers for The Carolina Rider

The Carolina Rider is also looking to expand all around The Carolinas....the coast, the mountains, and all points in between, above and below! We are currently looking for someone to manage the local publications, so if you know anyone who might be interested or qualified please have them get in touch with us!


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton





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Mad Dog Custom Cycles

Ride Like A Pro


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Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






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Mad Dog Custom Cycles


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