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December 15th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Sandhills Mike: Yard Sale at Combustion Cycles

Share your Ride in 2016!

Bub: A Mid-December Ride with the CPRs

Your Myrtle Beach Discount Card

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE 2 Bus will be giving out Hot Chocolate & Cookies at this weekends' Toy Ride!

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of December 16-22, 2015

Wednesday 69h & m-sunny, Thursday 67h & 100% rain, Friday 53h & am clouds/pm sun, Saturday 51h & sunny, Sunday 56h & m-sunny, Monday 62h & m-cloudy, Tuesday 66h & cloudy (as per on 12/15/15)

Wrapping it up with a bow

It's been a full year!

This Saturday is the final holiday ride that The BIG RIDE 2 will enjoy this year. We'll be in Shelby, NC where my Uncle Bud lives. Looking forward to seeing him as well as all the Windjammers and other riders in that heart-tugging ride again this year! Maybe we'll see you too?

This is our final full Weekly Magazine for 2015. You'll find a couple "holiday cards" from us in your Inboxes over the next few weeks. We'll be Footloose and FancyFree On the Road over the next couple weeks and partying away the year in the Southernmost points of the East Coast.

But while we're tying up the loose ends of the present year, we're looking into 2016 and seeing just over a month away the Easyriders Show in Charlotte. For us it's a great celebration with the creative contributors to our publication. Looking forward to seeing as many of our columnists as can make it out. Looking forward to seeing you!

But for now, it's time to throw a leg over the saddle on my purple Yamaha and ride out the year.

Joy, Peace, and Great Rides to us all!

Holiday Schedule for your Weekly Magazine: The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine will not be published December 22 & 29, January 5

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Well I hope everyone is or has enjoyed this lovely weather we been having, because you know it is not going to last. Normally the weather is in the 20's in the morning and struggling to get in the 50's by noon.  I can't speak for other motorcycle enthusiasts but I am at about this time of year neck-deep in some kind of restoration on an older classic Japanese bike that "doesn't run, but it did when I put it away 5 years ago." That is what got my interest in Combustion Cycles yard sale.

Combustion Cycles is a small full service cycle shop in Durham that works with older motorcycles and restoration projects. What is lost at the more large-scale dealerships is the institutional knowledge of older classic bikes within there own brand. They don't have that knowledge. I went to my local large multibrand dealership looking for pistons and rings for a Honda CL 350 from 1972 . The young salesperson did not know the difference between a CL and CB and wanted to sell me pistons he found for a" F" series. I know this may sound a little technical but not at Combustion Cycles, they speak old bikes.

 When I heard that Combustion Cycles was having a yard sale I knew it would be worth my time to ride up from Fayetteville and check them out . As you can see from the pictures there were some interesting bikes on hand for sale, running, and some in need of more love then the shop has time for.

Combustion Cycle is an annual sponsor of the "Bull City Rumble." Dave Jenson, an owner, and Carlos Martinez were both quite helpful in helping me find those "rare pistons and rings."

It’s the 10th of Dec and the forecasters said low 40s to start and mid to hi 60s in the afternoon, and miracle .... they were right!

Mickey and I left my house at 7:45 to meet John in Polkville at 8.  Charley couldn’t make it - got a bad cold.  Mickey and John are getting over theirs, just a few snuffles.  Me?  No cold and no snuffles, just antsy to ride. We spend 20 minutes or so in the gas station parking lot trying to get our intercoms to sync.  Finally gave up and headed north on NC 226.  Stopped in a pull-off where it joins US 64 and got the intercoms to link easily.  Ran 64 to the Gold Mine road and took it over to the Dysartville Rd. Got on US 70 and over to the road that runs around Lake James which was beautiful in the early morning calm.  We picked up the Fish Hatchery rd over to NC 181.  Rode on it a few miles enjoying those beautiful curves and then found the road we were looking for.  A National Forest Service rd ... yep,a dirt road. It was so nice to ride down into the valleys and climb the mountains at the slow speed we had to maintain and be able to see right through the leafless forest.

We stopped at a T and discussed which way to go, we wanted to end up at Christa’s Restaurant.  Decided to go right, drove on a few miles and thought it didn’t look right, turned around and rode on past where we got on the road.  Several miles on decided this way wasn’t right. So turned around again, back past where we started. Few more miles and the GPS said we were coming up on NC 181!!  That’s not right! Another U turn and this time said we’re not stopping until this road ends.

John calculated that we had driven about 30 miles on a 10 mile stretch of road. We CPRs know how to make time!!  We may not know where we’re going but we’re never lost, just geographically challenged.  This road ran into a T also and we knew where we were by the little country store on the corner.  We turned left on NC 90 - yes, still a dirt road, rode a few miles and found the Pineola rd which wound up and around several mountains to NC 181 just a couple of miles from Christa’s!

We really wanted to go there today as Christa and her cousin save their tips, close the store for January and spend the month somewhere far south.  And with winter weather you never know if you’re going to be able to get back next week ... on motorcycles anyway.  We enjoyed the wonderful food and talked over how we were going to return home.  I’d found a dirt road that ran from the Blue Ridge at the apple orchard at Alta Pass and it comes out on US 221 couple of miles north of Marion.  Away we go after bidding safe and happy travels to Christa and cousin.  At 221 we went south toward Marion and turned left at the first light. Followed the road signs to Lake James and enjoyed the great smooth road that twisted and turned around the lake; beautiful views included!

Finally joined up with NC 70 and on to Dysartvile rd. After we connected with NC 226 John decided to run the Golden Valley Rd over to Casar then 10 on to Lincolnton.  Mickey and I turned west on Bostic Sunshine Rd to Duncan’s Creek, through Lattimore and Boiling Springs NC, across the border and home.

The Temps today? Started out at 42 and were 68 on the way home.  Thought I was going to have to dig out the flip flops and shorts!!  Dontcha just love it here?? I do.

Merry Christmas All!,
Bub & all The Carolina Pro Riders

Merry Christmas to all!

The holiday season is here. We have one more toy run this Saturday in Shelby. The Windjammers Toy Run. Always a big turnout and a lot of fun. Come see us there and get a chance to win Easyriders Tickets and/or a night at Skyline Village Inn and/or a TCR Tuff!

Speaking of the Easyriders Show, The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine along with The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor and Harley-Davidson of Charlotte are giving away a Harley on stage at the Easyriders Show. No kiddin'!

Click on the entry below to get your registration and join us to see who the winner is. You never know ... it could be YOU!

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