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Photo by Paul Noble

See more Paul Pics from recent Toy Runs below and in our online GALLERY too!


December 17th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Windjammers Toy Run

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Sandy Reece: Wreaths Across America 2013

Paul Pics: Toy Run Collage

Uncle Roy: Trailer Trash

Loose Talk with Jon


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THIS SATURDAY, 12/21 ...

This Saturday, 12/21, is the last toy run that The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus will attend in 2013

Come See Us, in Shelby!


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of December 17-24, 2013

Tuesday 59 m-sunny, Wednesday 50 sunny, Thursday 58 p-cloudy, Friday 65 cloudy, Saturday 69 cloudy, Sunday 71 scattered t-storms, Monday 64 few showers, Tuesday 51 p-cloudy (as per on 12/17/13)


"Come See Us"

A Year's-End Resolution

My Aunt Sara Killian used to say this line at the end of every visit. Whether the visit was on the phone, at our home or hers, or elsewhere the family might gather, these were consistenly her parting words: "Come see us!"

As a kid, the words beckoned me to beg my parents to take us to my Uncle Johnny's service station where he'd "rob" his own machine for me a Co-cola. He smelled of grease and that special kind of b.o. that only mechanics seem to be blessed with and I adored him and his corny sense of humor. He pretended to be able to throw his voice and when I was little I bought it hook, line, and sinker! I loved his wife too as she cooked generous helpings of good food and she could "tat," (a soon-to-be lost needlework art,) and could create something out of nothing in no time coming up with cutely-crafty gifts for me and my Mama.

Later in life, my aunt's good-byes carried more responsibility; just as everything in life seems to grow more responsible as our years pile on. "Come see us" began to make me feel anxious if I didn't actually do it. The caring earnestness in her eyes as she'd say them made me want to hide from the words instead of accepting the invite. My personal life took me away from the easygoing days of dropping by to visit my kin. I was in "the rat race" and couldn't find the door out of the maze I was trapped in.

I've changed my life time and time again since those days and while life is still pretty damn busy, I'm making choices to take some time for good old-fashioned visits. I went to see my 90-something aunt and uncle this year and took my 90-something Mama. It was a quiet visit as the years are moving their storytelling days to a gentle ending.

It's been a really hectic 2013 and I've missed far too many opportunities to ride. I have, however, relished the words and pictures shared by our growing number of contributors and I thank you all for giving me a little of what I've been missing. I'm certain I'm not the only reader whose been riding vicariously through you all! So, once again, thanks Poni Princess, Shaggy, Bub, Sandy, Sandhills Mike, Mike on a Bike, Justin, Jane, Quece, Ron, Uncle Roy, and Lester! (And thanks so much to all of you who have written and provided photos from your charitable events and motorcycle community activities. We appreciate all you do in our communities. It has truly been a fabulous year!)

My favorite kind of rides are laid-back and free-form with little direction and no time to keep. As 2013 hasn't offered such space, I'm setting my vision for 2014 to take more leisurely rides that involve a good generous visit with someone special. I can't wait!

And, taking this phrase one more step today ... do come see us this Saturday in Shelby, if you can. I surely don't want to add to your stack of stressed-out over-responsibilities but we're gonna have a great time. It's our first time at the Windjammer's Toy Run and we hear it's well attended. Anyway, my Uncle Bud who's nearing 90 years-old himself says he's going to come by and see us at The BIG RIDE so why not join my family?!

Me and Quece!

OK, it's my turn to be star-struck. I got my photo made with our 4-legged star, Quece, at the recent Charlotte CBA Toy Run in Charlotte. Thanks to Paul for taking this shot. And do check out the Paul Pics collages in his column today.

Slow down and enjoy your moments as this year comes to a close. This is my last column this year and our last full ezine of 2013. Look for our holiday e-cards coming out over the next 2 weeks and have yourself a merry little time wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

See ya in the New.....


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More photos from these and other toy runs ONLINE NOW



Trailer Trash

I passed yer motor-home on th’ road today.
You glanced over at me, but I looked away.
I rode on a Softail; smokin’ th’ road.
You sat behind that wheel like a big tattooed toad.
There was no glass or wipers in front of my eyes.
Only wind-rush, and wide open skies.

Behind your ‘condo’ on a flatbed, sat Harleys, a bunch.
You wonna be a biker? Hell, you don’t have a hunch.
You’re a bike OWNER, dude! So settle for that.
Get yerself a ‘rally’ T-shirt, an’ another ‘rally’ tatt!

Buy a hokey-ass pin, ta show th’ world you were there.
Look stoopid snappin’ pictures of TITS th’ chicks bare. 
So what, the whole trip you never tasted the air.
That you came all the way in a big steel cage;
Biker poser; seeking only to share the stage....

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