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Yes, Riders, there IS a Santa Clause!


Lil' Weather


What do YOU want for Christmas?


New Story Online Now: Sun City Carolina Lakes MC


A Woman Rider's Perspective with Sandy: Tis the Season to be Merry


Loose Talk with Jon



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This story was recounted to Footloose by John Baucom, President of Riders in Recovery ...

John said: "
It was a great Sunday for the Charlotte CBA toy run. The sun was shining, it was going to be 70 degrees. It was one of the largest gatherings of bikes the Charlotte CBA had had in years. The ride left and arrived at Easy Eddies and all was right with the world.  I got on my bike to leave after having had a great time. However when I started my bike the clutch felt funny. It was working but something was not right. I headed out to my home in Matthews. I was on Independence Blvd at Sharon Amity Rd. when I went to stop at the stop light. I pulled in the clutch, and nothing. I managed to get the bike into neutral with cars flying all around. Finally I got the bike to the side of the road. I got out my cell phone to call my wife, as my call went into her voice mail I looked up to see a biker with his wife on the back, cut across traffic in the intersection headed towards me against traffic. It was Steve Jelley, shop foreman and master tech at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte. He asked if I needed help and I told him something was wrong with the clutch and that I had just left my wife a message. Steve responded with, "I'll run back to the shop and get the truck".  30 minutes later there he was, loading up my bike, his wife smiling and appearing to be having a good time! He took my bike to the dealership to drop it off. Once there he asked where can I take you?  Really, he is out riding on a beautiful Sunday with his wife and he stops to help me, carries my bike to the shop and then offers to take me home. Now that is what I call dedication to excellent service."

Personally, my hat is off to Steve Jelley and his wife for being such great people and a friend to a fellow biker. The Carolina Rider is happy to give Steve and his wife a free trip to Maggie Valley Inn for his selflessness on a great day to ride. Footloose




The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of December 18-25, 2012

Tuesday 58 p-cloudy, Wednesday 66 sunny, Thursday 62 rain, Friday 49 sunny, Saturday 54 sunny, Sunday 56 p-cloudy, Monday 53 p-cloudy, Tuesday 50 cloudy (as per on Tuesday 12/18/12)




What The Carolina Rider wants for Christmas

2013 is GONNA BE A GREAT YEAR! I believe it. I declare it. I wish it for you, for me, for us all! And as I look into the crystal ball of The New Year, I see some visions of The Carolina Rider as it grows and further develops to better serve you, our readers, and the many diverse communities and individuals we reach.

Here are our 8 wishes this year for next year ...

1. An EDUCATIONAL COLUMN focusing on motorcycle riding skills as well as some general bike owner how-to's and suggestions - ANY MSF INSTRUCTORS want to take this on? contact me

2. A MOTORCYCLE EVENT PLANNING WORKSHOP - Because of our long history involved with the planning, marketing, and implementation of tons of small to large events, we receive frequent requests for event planning help. In answer to this call, we will be offering a most helpful workshop for YOU in early February with the intention of helping not-for-profit organizations and individuals who want to create and/or sustain a profitable charitable motorcycle event (ride, run, show, rally.) Got something you want to make happen in 2013 and want it to be THE BEST it can be for all involved? We can help! Interested in getting active hands-on help in planning, designing, marketing, and implementing a truly good event that makes money for your cause? Contact me now!

3. MORE EVENT REPORTS from YOU about rides, runs, shows, and rallies in your neck of the woods ... like the wonderful story shared by Tim Jones of Columbia, SC's Thunder Riders below!

4. MORE RIDE STORIES about your own personal riding experiences, adventures, and plans

5. A BIKE NITE REPORTER (or several scattered across NC/SC!) to wander about and cover what's happening throughout The Carolinas during Bike Nite season. Interested? Contact me!

6. ADVERTISE WITH US! Your motorcycle-related business or service will find our marketing scope of tremendous value to you with our email readership up to over 56,000 readers and our monthly online hits of 3.8 million and 50,000 unique visitors. And your advertising dollars make these publications possible. Contact Jon!

7. SELL FOR US! Do you travel around The Carolinas and have a nack for talking to folks and making new friends? Do you have a good handle on the biker community in your area? Being a sales rep for The Carolina Rider can be a LOT OF FUN and very rewarding and you can make money too. Generous commissions plus you have a direct hand in keeping these valued publications alive and kickin' the pavement! Contact Jon!

8. In all of the above, we'd especially like to hear from the areas of BOTH STATES who haven't previously had a voice in The Carolina Rider. Want more coverage in your neck of the woods? Give us a hand! Even small efforts are BIG DEALS. I'd love to hear from you!


New Story Online Now ...

Sun City Carolina Lakes Motorcycle Club

Don't miss a new story about the Sun City Carolina Lakes Motorcycle Club online now! And many thanks to Jack who shared the story and photos and to all the club members who have been so gracious to share their stories with us this year.

(Photo to the left was taken by one member's daughter who captioned it "Mom and Dad's Motorcycle Gang!")

We are thrilled to be joining this vivacious club in their annual New Year's Day ride. The Carolina Rider's BIG RIDE Bus will haul those not on two wheels and we look forward to sharing the beginning of THE NEW with SCCLMC folks.

And make sure and look for our story covering that fun ride in our first edition of the New Year on 1/8/13.....


'Tis the Season to be ... MERRY MERRY

... not contrary!

(or... "Nothin' could be Finer than to live in Carolina!")

Do you know what I tell folks about living in the Carolinas? - the possibility of YEAR LONG MOTORCYCLE RIDING is a wonderful reason to live in the Carolinas. I recently had a friend from the state of Maine pack up her life and relocate to North Carolina. Why? After a few visits to the surrounding Southern states, she said "My motorcycle would never be stored if I lived here!" Just to seal the deal, we rode up to the mountains near Wilkesboro along the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed a nice curvy road Sunday afternoon. Now that's the way to Welcome a new Southern resident! Her new language? "Mainalina!"


On December 15th all over the United States, the Wreaths Across America trucks have delivered wreaths to be placed among the National cemeteries in honor and in memory of our Military. A few years ago I was able to attend and participate in the WAA event at Arlington National cemetery. What an awesome and emotional event! This year I participated in our local event at the National cemetery at Salisbury, NC. At the historic Salisbury cemetery I walked through the hallowed grounds searching for a headstone to lay my wreath, I came upon a name I recognized. The gentleman and his wife were dear friends who lived nearby my hometown. I knew they had departed this earth but I did not know the location of their final resting place. My heart swelled and tears came immediately to see their marker. So I laid my wreath and paid my respects to my dear old friends. As a part of the event, they ask you to pull a tag from the wreath and write down the name from the headstone and research the person. Sadly, you may be the only person to have taken a moment to pay respects to a Military serviceman/woman. Just a thought for next year if you are interested in supporting a wonderful event to honor our military services, check out this website: If you have a local motorcycle club, group together and take a ride to a National cemetery on the scheduled date in December each year and participate in this wonderful event.


(me laying my wreath)


As this year draws to a close, enjoy the holidays with family-friends-loved ones and Happy New Year!

Tomorrow ... 60 degrees in my area of the Carolinas ... LET'S RIDE!!



Fancy Free, Site Editor and Jon "Footloose" Pendleton, Publisher,


Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro


Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D

























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