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Easyriders Show in Charlotte January 23-24

International Motorcycle Show giving away BIKE!


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with Fancy Free

Gaston Co CBA invite to the Officers Club

Polar Bear Run

Myrtle Beach Bike Week West


Work with The Carolina Rider! ... Regional Managers wanted


Ride Report from Jane: Cruisin for Kids


Loose Talk with Jon



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Dec 19-26, 2011

Monday 58 sunny, Tuesday 63 cloudy, Wednesday 66 t-showers, Thursday 64 few showers, Friday 62 showers, Saturday 57 showers, Sunday 57 showers, Monday 52 showers (as per on Monday 12/19/11)









Planning a Motorcycle Event for 2012?

  • You know how there are weekends so full of motorcycle rides and events that there's no way you can get to all that you want to .. and then there are empty weekends with nothing to offer anywhere?

  • You know how you don't hear about some events till the very last minute - so late that it's too late for you to get there?

  • And you know how some events have detailed flyers and contacts and websites and others are completely word-of-mouth?

  • Notice how there are some events that are strongly attended and others with few participants? some events struggle to make money for their cause and some events pull in big bucks?

  • Do you go to some events with great music and refreshments and others with nothing to offer, not even a shady spot out of the scorching sun?

  • Have you been part of the planning and pulling-together of an event and discovered how huge the task can be to create a well-rounded, sought-after, well-attended, fun, and profitable event for the riding community?

The Carolina Rider is here to help!

We have a long and strong history of helping groups and businesses design and publicize motorcycle-related events. Plus, we have been watching from a great perspective to see what's working and what's not. And as the numbers of motorcycle events grows, we are finding it critical that there be some coordination among the planners and better contact among the riding community's group leaders.

You want your event to be successful ... well-attended; beneficial to your causes, your organization, your participants; something that folks want to return to and will speak positively about to others. As we have shared over and over with groups who contact us for help, you can't just say on Monday that you're having a poker run on Saturday and expect full turn-out. It takes long-range planning. (Well, unless all you expect to attend is your inner circle, that is.) And even more important to remember: if your event isn't "good" the first time, riders will seldom give you a second chance and come back again when you put on another event. It's not that the riding community is difficult - in fact, it can be the most loving and supportive community around. It's that there is too much to choose from in the world of biker happenings and we can easily mark something off our to-do list and go on to something we like better.....including simply just going riding on our own!


So, here's what The Carolina Rider offers you as you plan & create:


  • Check out the opportunity offered by the Gaston County CBA to gather officers and pre-plan what's coming up.

  • Ask us about dates you are considering and see if, from our wider perspective, we can suggest best dates for what you're planning. We hope to smooth out some of the calendar conflicts and loosen up overloaded dates....

  • Contact The Carolina Rider to discuss your event plans before putting them in motion - again, so from our wider perspective we can help you see where your strengths and needs are. Everyone's got both!

  • Ask us about participating in your large event planning committee meeting or ask about full event leadership.

We have contacts and resources to help you. In addition to helping you get the word out, we know how to help you with every component of your successful event - from scheduling to publicizing ... to logos and other designs to t-shirts ... to give-aways to activities to vendors to music to food and drink all the other bits that make for a positive motorcycle event experience by all involved!

The Carolina Rider is looking forward to the New Year ahead! We're already hearing about some interesting happenings under creation for 2012. You know, the year always kicks off with a handful of polar bear runs here and there and, of course, the Charlotte Easyriders Show in January. For February, as Footloose Jon has mentioned, the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) will call Charlotte home for the first time in 2012. As you can see below, there's a new SC option in March with Myrtle Beach Bike Week West just before Daytona Bike Week.

Those are some of the big ones that fuel up the goings-on in the New. What are you planning? What do you want to make happen? Whether you're a dealership or a club looking to create something fun, a single individual with a passion for a cause or a rider organization who's been offering the same benefit ride for years, we can help you help the community and yourselves!

Contact The Carolina Rider and Let's Get The New Year Rolling!




... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!

The Gaston County CBA is offering an opportunity for organizational officers to put their heads together toward 2012 event planning ...

The next meeting of the Officers Club is scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of January, 2012. The date is the 11th. We will start at 7:00 pm at the Gaston CBA Homestead Lodge. Carolina Thunder will be providing food. Please be sure to have your organization represented. The more we can work together, instead of in competition, the more we can all accomplish. Call me at 704-747-1450 with questions, concerns or suggestions. Thanks and I look forward to starting our New Year together

Bill "Blastoff" Starnes.





Geoff Green of Durham HOG wrote in to clarify credits for last week's post: "I can't take credit for story and photos alone, however.  Becky Padilla helped with editing and photos were provided by (various) Chapter members"


Next Year (which isn't far off now!) ...


Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo"


December 8, 2011 - Myrtle Beach Bike Week LLC & Sonny Productions LLC is proud to bring for the first time ever Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" to the Florence Civic Center March 2-3, 2012. This expo is expected to be the largest family-friendly motorcycle event in the Florence SC area.

Tina Dean with the Florence Civic Center states, "The expansion of Bike Week to Florence is exciting news as we expect a dramatic increase in overnight stays and restaurant revenues for the immediate area. We hope the debut proves successful for both Florence and the event thus creating an annual return for biker enthusiasts."

The Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" is estimating over 100 vendors including Vintage Motorcycle Displays, Seminars, Live Entertainment, Drag Bike Displays, Ride in Bike Show, Stunt Riders, Custom Builders, The Marketplace - Vendors Mall, Used Motorcycle Parts Corral, Used Motorcycles for Sale plus much more.

Family Day is Friday, March 2nd. Bring the family to enjoy the fun.

Tickets for the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" can be purchased day of show. $5.00 off admission coupon is available at the Florence Civic Center located at 3300 W. Radio Drive Florence, SC 29501, local Motorcycle Shops, Sponsor Locations and online at


More details about the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" contact Sonny @
336-643-1367 - cell # 336-580-1638, e-mail






"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Cruisin for Kids 2011

A wonderful family-feel toy run

"As we pulled into Fellowship Baptist Church, it was the biker version of Santa and his Biker Reindeer entourage. I heard children screaming, 'they are bringing the toys!' and 'the toys are here!"


Well, every weekend there are many Toy Runs to choose from, and Greg and I never know what we will be involved in. Last week I understand that several rides had numbers of 700 or more bikes, and some went well over a thousand - an impressive ride but this weekend was different.

This Saturday we chose "The Cruisin for Kids Toy Run" out of Lincolnton. Of course Greg uses the Carolina Rider Calender to pick from and he actually called the number on the poster for details. He picked this ride, because of how nice the gentleman on the phone was. The gentleman's name was "Chappy."

When we pulled into the Staples parking lot of Lincolnton, they were just setting up a table. Nothing fancy - just asking for your participation and a toy. We were instantly greeted by a few who were early like us. Introductions were made as we signed a piece of paper saying we were participating in the ride.

Everyone was comparing the Toy Runs of last weekend as we anticipated this one. That was when a bearded man in overalls started sharing. His face lit up like "Santa Claus" when he explained that all of the toys stay "local" and are given away to the children of the area. They give away coats, hats, and mittens with the additional money that is raised. This ride was originally created over 10 years ago by the Christian Motorcycle Association but has become a conglomerate of Christian Biker organizations. They have been doing this ride on the same weekend for many years, and they work with the local churches and schools in the area to find the families and children who receive the gifts. We also learned that on the final stop they would be assisting with the giving away of bicycles!

Yes, this wasn't the biggest ride we have been on, but we got to know our riding friends more personally. Greg enjoyed his visit with a Retired Fireman of Gaston County - a conversation that started with his wonderfully painted "Fireman's helmet." Of Course Quece (KC), our dog, made an effort to sniff and introduce herself to everyone in the crowd, and even found a couple of little girls that she took a shine too. This time we tried to get pics of all the different Christian jackets that were at the event.

The bearded man in overalls led us all in prayer before we began the ride. There was just under 100 riders, as we were led through some wonderful backroads of Lincoln County. No worries of clusters or bump-ups in this reasonable crowd of Christmas riders. As we pulled into Fellowship Baptist Church, it was the biker version of Santa and his Biker Reindeer entourage. I heard children screaming, "they are bringing the toys!" and "the toys are here!" But as we dismounted our bikes, I saw them all run to the bearded man in overalls, and giving him a hug. That Man was "Chappy," the Chaplain, Kevin Pitts, from Christian Motorcyclists Assoc. #539 Ambassadors for Christ.

Chappy, Me, and Quece


Upon entering the Church Fellowship Hall with the smell of coffee and hot cocoa, we carried our gifts. There were already hundreds of toys on a table, as we added ours to the collection. I played with a Plastic Harley that revved up as you pushed the button, and if you held it long enough the lights came on and the wheels started turning and the v-twin engine started vibrating - Cool!

Some sweet, sweet young girls instantly grabbed a stuffed Chihuahua that looked like Quece and wanted to share it with us while we photographed them. As many toys that were there, the children seemed more intrigued with our entrance and our visit than they were about the gifts.

We had coffee and cookies. Pastor Randall Wright led us in a prayer that broke into a little "Southern Preaching," - the kind that makes you smile to know that you are part of a Special Biker family even if you don't wear a patch on your jacket!

Onward, we were led through scenic back roads to Praise Temple Family Worship Church. As we turned into the parking lot, we could see over 20 brand new bicycles lined up with gift bags attached to each one, and lots of people photographing us as we pulled onto the asphalt. The "Biker Mount Up" Group along with the volunteers and Pastor Tim Lee actually made sure the bicycles fit the age and measurements of each child receiving them and as soon as we got there, the kids were allowed to get on their new bicycles! As the children road up the hill and out of the Church Parking lot, we were guided inside to another fellowship hall. Volunteers were there to serve us spaghetti, salads, and garlic bread! A table full of delicious desserts too if you had any room left!

Quece was sooooo tired from all the hugs of the children. She napped on the chair next to me at the supper table. I got to speak with Freda, a Sunday School teacher from Freedom Biker Church in Hickory, who road in on the "Honda Davidson." Greg sat next to one of many representing "Veterans of War," and no one was in a hurry to leave.

No, this wasn't the biggest ride, but it was a wonderful, more "family feel" ride! There are soooooo many Toy Runs to participate in. I hope you have a chance to give in at least one. I promise you that you will get much more out of it than the children do! Thanks to all the Churches, Biker Organizations, CBA's, Volunteers, and Riders who contribute and work hard to make these events possible. I am proud to say "I ride!"


More of my photos from this event are in our GALLERY!



Motorman's Article

Motorman has a new article online today. Check out this good info about U-Turns! I appreciate additional rider education and hope you do too. We can all use refreshers and, as he calls them, "tips and tricks" for safe, enjoyable, and smart riding.

Easyriders Show in Charlotte January 21-22, 2012

The Carolina Rider is again happy to be a media sponsor for the Charlotte Easyriders show and, of course, we will be there with The Big Ride and some give-aways for you! Watch the commercial for the show HERE.


Some more movement with the Federal Goverment regarding motorcycles. Please read the info below shared with us by Doc Ski:

Senate Committee Passes Highway Safety Bill, Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today, the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation passed a sweeping safety bill known as the Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety Improvement Act (S. 1449). The bill passed by voice vote. 

Earlier this week, Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ) filed an amendment that would have gutted the popular federal motorcycle education and awareness grants, known as the 2010 funds. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is pleased to report that Lautenberg did not call that amendment for a vote. Due to an overwhelming response from the motorcycle community, the 2010 grants are safe for now. 

Also under attack was the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(NHTSA) lobby ban. This law prohibits NHTSA from using federal money to lobby State legislatures, uninvited. The way S. 1449 was drafted, it removed this lobby ban. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) introduced a number of amendments to maintain the ban and the necessary amendments were agreed to, by unanimous consent of the full committee. 

The one sticking point that remains is at least, the least troublesome. That being said, it is still something that will keep the attention of the MRF lobby efforts.  The trouble lies in a provision in S. 1449 that calls out motorcycle helmets in the list of definitions as "motor vehicle equipment".
Previously, the list simply stated: "any device or an article or apparel...
that is not a system, part, or component of a motor vehicle". 

The MRF would like to thank all the State motorcycle rights organizations and everyone else who helped with this legislation. 

The bill passed today will likely move on to be a part of the larger Highway Bill which could happen in early 2012. The MRF will keep you informed on this issue.


Happy Holidays, brothers and sisters...


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



SkyLine Inn



Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn




Mad Dog Custom Cycles

Ride Like A Pro


Cox H-D



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn





Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte








SkyLine Inn





Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte










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