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(photo by Marcia Lofts)

August 11th Edition

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Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Sandy Reece & Krissa Drentlaw: More Low Country SC

BIG RIDE 2 Rides Out!

Your Myrtle Beach Discount Card

Ron & Marcia Lofts: An Evening Ride to Bluffton

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 12-18, 2015

Wednesday 89h & clear, Thursday 87h & clear, Friday 87h & clear, Saturday 88h & clear, Sunday 89h & clear, Monday 90h & clear, Tuesday 93h & clear (as per on 08/11/15)

Sandy's Gifts

Sandy Reece began contributing to The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine to share stories of dedicated rider women. And while she still does that and more, she's also developed an impressive portfolio of beautiful photos. She says she loves to ride to see the natural and historic beauty throughout the Carolinas and, more and more, her rides are dedicated to a search for some delectible food to satisfy her photographer's appetite!

How glad we are that she chose to pursue what is clearly a natural gift for her - riding and shooting pics! The photo below was taken by her friend, Krissa, who writes alongside Sandy in today's column about their recent Low Country SC ride of friendship. A great photo of Photographer Sandy at work!

Being on a motorcycle does mean witnessing some spectacular scenes, doesn't it? There are few rides without some interesting, funny, inspiring, or beautiful things to see. Well, Ron's backseat sweetie, Marcia, snatched some fabulous sky shots on a recent ride they took as shown in this week's column. What would we do without Marcia on back snapping pics?! Thanks, Marcia for staying on the lookout! And, of course, thanks to Ron for riding safely and sharing the stories of their varied and most plentiful rides!

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Sandy emailed me to say that she had "asked my friend Krissa to write and start the journey for this article - so this story comes in two parts." In other stories, Sandy has talked about her SC friends Michael and Krissa, and now The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine is happy to welcome Krissa to our pages and thanks Sandy for sharing her with us. Of course, you'll also find this to be a photo-rich account, filled with Sandy's photographic gifts to the world ... as well as a few from Krissa. Enjoy their dual-account of some Low Country SC spots that you might want to include on your ride someday....

In the Spirit of Friendship – Part I

by Krissa Drentlaw, South Carolina

Over the years, many two-wheel riding adventures have been planned and executed.  That was not to be the case for the Canadian Capers that had been so carefully planned over the past year and a half as my beloved Michael would not be able to make the long journey.

In a simple phone call it took my dear friend Sandy only a moment to know that we (Michael and I,) needed a purpose to smile and so came a wonderful request via e-mail: a list of must-see locations for the next Low Country Adventure.  It was this wonderful list that provided the purpose and short destinations that Michael could map out and/or ride to that afforded us a wonderful purpose for our restricted staycation.  We created a "Flat Sandy" to represent our dear friend and took her for some preview rides.

First stop the historic Chapel of Ease Ruins (mapped out by Michael) located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Saint Helenas Island, SC.  This is a beautiful ride and there are many points of interest including the National Cemetary on Highway 21 as one passes through beautiful Beaufort, SC.  Next stop a little Monkey Business on Highway 45 (Old 6) outside of Cross, SC which afforded Michael his first over fifty mile ride in 3 weeks.  The folks are friendly and lunch is available.  The final destination provided a sunrise view of the Morris Island Lighthouse off the South Carolina Coast from Folly Beach.  Bring your shorts and walking shoes because once you park the motorcycle it is a half mile walk in and then a quarter mile further on sand to take in the vista of the lighthouse.

Many thanks to our dear friend Sandy for providing meaningful purpose to our unforeseen staycation and in the words of Paul Harvey, “The Rest of the Story” will be written for The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine readers by Sandy Reece after her next visit to the Low Country.

The Spirit of Friendship – Part II

By Sandy Reece, North Carolina

As always l am looking for the next great ride and photo hot spots.  When a phone call from my dear friend Krissa came to let me know they (Michael and herself) would not be making the trip to Canada as previously planned, I reassured her that Nova Scotia would be waiting when the time was right.

A few weeks later, I needed a room in the Low Country and another call led to plans to visit my dear friends.  Well…of course I sent a list of places to visit for my planned trip.  As Krissa wrote earlier, the list was a welcome venture for short rides and planning to be ready for my arrival.  Unfortunately, the previous quote “great ride and photo hot spots” was oooooh-sooooo true!  It was HOT!  We decided not to ride the motorcycles on our adventure.  We chose to ride comfortable in the air-conditioned cage for this photo shoot.  The heat index was extremely high and temps rose to 102° quickly!  Not good for air-cooled engines.  Bugs?  Yuck….gnats were all over us in the Low Country!  I guess we were sweet!

This trip itinerary was to locate and photo the St Helens Chapel of Ease and Morris Island Lighthouse.  I was looking forward to these two spots as my “Flat Sandy” had already scoped out the areas.  As all good trips are planned by Michael for us, we have more sights to see along the way.  Krissa and I even discovered an extra historic spot just by continuing down a long country road.  After photos were made at the Chapel of Ease, we continued down the road to see if there was anything else of interest.  We passed a sign called Fort Fremont Preserve that caught our eye.  We proceed down the drive and discover an old military fort. Now open for touring at your own risk, the battery is a really neat piece of US history.  Fort Fremont was created in 1899 and deactivated in 1921.   For more information – see this link

Lunch was enjoyed at the Foolish Frog restaurant located at 846 Sea Island Parkway, St. Helena, SC – Historic Frogmore.  Delicious!

Along Route 17 back towards Folly Beach, more photo ops availed themselves.  After several stops along the way, we find ourselves on Folly Beach, SC walking down the closed road to the shore.  Climbing the sand dunes, I spied the Morris Island lighthouse standing on an island in the water.  Prior to my trip, Krissa calls and ask me, “How close do you want to be to the lighthouse?”  I replied that I was good with beach photos.  She says “How about on the island up close and personal with the lighthouse?”  COOL!  That’ll work too!  Well… fast forward to the day of arrival to the charter boat company, Mother Nature cancelled that idea real quick with a heat (102° day) thunder and lightning storm.  Oh well… I know the way back to Folly Beach….another day-another opportunity!

The following day, I found one more photo op off Dorchester Road in nearby North Charleston area.  Old Dorchester State Park – Fort Dorchester church tower was built in 1750, the old tower ruins remain standing.  Once a four-bell tower, it weathered battles and storms and still the ruins remain standing.

This trip may not have been completed from the motorcycle seat but it sure was created from the motorcycle seat.  And due to cancellations and lack of time, there will be repeat trips back to the Low Country.

Ride safe and hydrate during the hot season!!

We got a call from some friends down from Asheville staying in Bluffton for some golfing asking us to come down for dinner.  So we headed down 601 through Hampton after work on a Friday afternoon.  It was one of those hot, hot days and there was that chance of late afternoon showers.  As we were riding, the clouds did gather and we could see that closer to the coast it was dark and raining hard.

Just south of Hampton we started feeling some raindrops and stopped at a little corner store.  Had a wonderful conversation with a local fisherman.  He said it wasn’t raining just up the road and would quit within ½ hour.  He had been fishing the Bluffton area all his life and knew the area well and the weather even better.  We did put our rain suits on and he was right … (should we ever doubt a local person that knows the weather?!,)  … about 5 miles down the road it stopped raining.  We stopped in Ridgeland and took off the rain suits and headed on to Bluffton to meet our friends.  Interestingly enough we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant just ahead of our friends.  We had a wonderful dinner, catching up on old friends and families. Then headed back home.

Just outside of Ridgeland, Marcia is getting my attention to look at the sky to the west and we see this interesting cloud formation.  I’ve never seen a cloud separated like these were.  It looked like someone just took their hand or an eraser and wiped the clouds away just in the one area.  The other unique thing is that Marcia is taking these pictures on the back without me stopping, she is getting good at that!

South Beach or South Carolina??

We stopped in Hampton for gas and in looking down main street, see the lights of this theatre so we turned down to look at it.  We did stop for this picture and thought how neat it was, kind of like something out of South Beach, but in little Hampton.
I asked a friend later what they used it for and she said local plays and art shows, especially during the Watermelon festival on the last weekend of June (which happened to be the next weekend from when we were there.)

Anyway, we got home around dusk as you can see from the last picture as we were going through Bamberg.  Again as always, a great ride to meet good friends and with a good friend.
Just ride!

come join us

... for a great weekend in the mountains. It's a new twist on Sonny's tried and true formula. This time the theme is Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Rockabilly, and Hawgs.

The weather looks really good with highs in the upper 70's and lowest 80's. The Charlotte Area Shriners will be there selling COLD BEER. And, of course, The BIG RIDE 2 will be hanging out on the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds while Sonny runs around making everything happen. Sonny works hard to make these events the best they can be and every event gets better and better.

Come see us in Maggie Valley!

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